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Cuernavaca lives in the name "City of eternal Spring" with flowers in every corner. Its colonial palace lives in harmony with modern buildings. Nearby, mountains, volcanoes and rivers make Cuernavaca a great destination for risk sports, while it is also a business center well connected to the main Mexican cities. Here, feeling in the best hands is custom and the best way to do it is to stay in Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cuernavaca.

In the colonial heart of Mexico

Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cuernavaca, the capital of Morelos, welcome the eager to conduct business, relax and witness another civilization. Proof of the historical legacy of the city is Xochicalco, an archaeological site 38 kilometers from Cuernavaca, with a carvings sculpted above the temple of the Feathered Serprent and the Observatory of the sun.

But the jewels of the historic center will also surprise guests of Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cuernavaca: the Palacio de Cortés decorated with murals from Diego Rivera; the Cathedral, one of the oldest in Mexico, or the Jardín Borda, where Maximilian of Habsburg set your summer residence among exotic plants. A network of monuments and museums such as the Robert Brady, with Frida Kahlo.

Nature to awaken your senses

In Mexico, every town center is surrounded by lush jungle and natural treasures. The San Antón Jumping 40 meters waterfall or the botanical gardens of Mexico Gardens are the best options to enjoy the fresh air in Cuernavaca. And if you are looking for some adventure, in the village of Tequesquitengo, 47 kilometers away, you can ski, go on a boat trip and even try parachuting.

A destination for those who do not want to make sacrifices and enjoy everything from the Hotels in Cuernavaca of the Barceló Hotel Group.

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