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Exclusivity has many synonyms. Luxury hotels with unique experiences, travel destinations that are greater than fiction, high-level cuisine where you can delight in local flavors, or a service that makes you feel in the center of the world. But exclusivity also means being able to enjoy a destination you always dreamed of: with the tranquility of an almost intact place, in an adults-only environment. LRoyal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Adults only resorts they’re in love with paradise.

Holidays to disconnect, for adults only

The luxury of feeling silent is a reality in the Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Adults only resorts: places where you can dedicate to yourself and revel in the details. When the atmosphere invites relaxation, the cuisine suits the most discerning palates, and everything calls for enjoyment, it is in the right place.

The most exclusive travel destinations, for adults only

The Royal Hideaway Hotels Luxury Hotels Adults only resorts it reinvents Adults Only stays and holidays, providing its guests with luxury services and facilities designed just for them. Rooms with all types of luxury and comfort, swimming pools where you can experience the meaning of well-being, rooms where you can combine work and leisure in a tranquil environment, gastronomic options for the most experienced diners and unique experiences for adults, including the Royal Hideaway Hotels Luxury Hotels & Adults only resorts. In the most enticing destinations, the adults-only oasis invites you to forget any other way of traveling.

Paradise is adults only: discover it at the adults-only hotels of the Barceló Hotel Group.