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An innovative co-creation process

In Barceló Hotels & Resorts we will drive co-creation initiatives which allows our guests, together with noteworthy professionals regarding innovation, to participate in our creative process.

Together, we carry out pioneering projects that result in as a result hotels concept and services that best suits the needs of our present and future guests, anticipating their needs and raising our client-centerd philosophy to the fullest.

Dynamics that demonstrate that Differentiation lies in innovation of experiential, the Barceló Hotel Group has positioned itself as a leader in its ability to conceptualize and launch innovative products that provide unique experiences to our clients.

Unique initiatives

The Barceló Emperatriz Hotel is the first hotel in Madrid co-created by its future guests, who could choose from the services offered by some of their decorative elements on the website and their social networks.

A process of active listening also took into account the opinions of female and cosmopolitan women: 21st Century Empresses Club. An outstanding committee with a high know-how on hotels, made up of relevant women in different disciplines.

The experimental and flexible initiative, driven by Barceló Hotel Group and AzoraThe goal is to innovate and transform the future of our hotels through the implementation of disruptive proposals.

A joint project between guests and noteworthy professionals related to innovation, that demonstrates that our strategy aims to improve the experience of the people staying at our hotels, the people we place at the center of everything we do.