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Tourists looking for excitement during their holiday can book a hotel with a casino. Novice and experienced players will enjoy an exciting evening in the casino, where you can find a wide variety of games of chance, entertainment, cocktails and restaurants. Most casinos remain open until the early morning, so the fun can go on until the traveler wishes so.

Where to Play

Three destinations stand out when planning a casino vacation: The Dominican Republic, Aruba, and Bulgaria. The Dominican Republic, Aruba and Bulgaria.

Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic is a favorite among players. The marvelous tourist complex Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort one of the Barceló Group’s standard hotels in which guests have easy access to the sensational Casino Bávaro. It is state-of-the-art casino that combines excellent gaming opportunities with a fun but elegant atmosphere.

There is a series of Aruba in Aruba casinos along Palm Beach with a large variety of games, restaurants and bars. Bulgaria, Sunny Beach on the Black Sea, is an emerging tourist spot that offers tourists many possibilities for gaming fun after sunset. The first consideration when planning a holiday at a hotel with a casino is how much gaming time is desired. If the game is a priority, choosing a hotel with its own casino is the best option. Some hotels even have special offers that make participation easy. Casino Bávaro, for example, offers Match Play with its tourism credit program. Players can double the value of their bet at the roulette table. Other leisure activities can be karaoke, dance shows and, of course, the cuisine. The Bávaro Casino There is a smoking lounge where guests will find top quality tobacco, delicious cocktails and tables organized to play Texas Hold ‘em Poker.

Get Lucky

The main attraction of resorts with a casino is the excitement of the games of chance that they offer an adrenaline rush that is difficult to match. Experienced players can head for the card tables, where Blackjack and different forms of poker, including Caribbean Stud Poker, are the most popular. Novices can start at the slot machine.

Years ago, players introduced a coin into the slot and were awarded a coin shower. Now, the modern electronic machines have an endless number of variations, but the excitement is the same. Many beginners choose roulette because their luck decides, unlike card games, where skill and knowledge make a difference. Roulette players can bet on a single number or a combination, including all red or all black.

A resort with a casino offers fun and games for everybody. Winning is a question of luck but enjoying an exciting time is guaranteed.

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