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Once you arrive in the Azores and get off the plane it's like discovering a new world. A world where nature is the main star and its enjoyment is not incompatible with choosing a great accommodation and letting yourself be taken care of by the fantastic hotels and resorts available in the islands. Without a doubt, this a very special destination, perfect for a relaxing vacation and for discovering spectacular landscapes that are only to be found here. The location of the islands is one of its main attractions, as it is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 870 miles from Lisbon.

Why book hotels and resorts in the Azores?

The Azores have a unique volcanic island feel and an irresistible charm thanks to the serenity of its waters and the warmth of its land. This is what mainly defines these nine Portuguese islands, which are geographically split into three groups: the eastern group, Santa Maria and São Miguel, the central group, the islands of Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial, and the western group, Corvo and Flores. Throughout the year, you can find deals on hotels and resorts in the Azores to make this trip more affordable, which in itself is not very expensive compared to other islands.

The long list of natural parks, protected areas, flora and fauna, forest reserves and places of geological interest in these islands is the result of an unusual natural legacy of spectacular wealth.The Azores are considered a sanctuary of bio- and geodiversity, undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to experience ecotourism while enjoying the various possibilities offered by the hotels and resorts in the Azores, such as discovering its cuisine, enjoying water activities or taking in the views of the Atlantic Ocean.

In these islands, summers are not too hot and winters are not too cold, maintaining a mild climate throughout the year. 
What is the best time of year to book accommodations in hotels and resorts in the Azores? To avoid the seasonal rains, keep in mind that the wettest months are from October to March, although any time of the year is an ideal time to enjoy this paradise and stay at the Barceló Azores hotels, the perfect starting point to discover the charms of this magical and remote place.

Excellent hiking trails, mountain biking, diving, surfing, canoeing or bodyboarding are some of the sports and activities that are available to enjoy the wonders of the islands. Let's not forget golf. You can work on your swing at any of the three golf courses in the Azores: Furnas, Batalha or Terceira, the first two located in São Miguel and the last one on the island of Terceira.

What are the beaches like in the Azores?

The islands' beaches are breathtakingly beautiful owing to the unique surrounding landscape of mountains, hills of green meadows and spectacular cliffs. Discovering these fairytale landscapes is not incompatible with enjoying comfort and relaxation in the hotels and resorts of the Azores, the best choice of accommodation in the islands for exploring its beaches. The beaches of the Azores are volcanic, so they are usually composed of black sand or pebbles, although there are also white sand beaches. Most of the white sand beaches are found on the island of Santa Maria, while on the island of São Miguel they are largely made of black sand. Some of the beaches of the Azores islands have excellent conditions for surfing, windsurfing and kitsurfing such as those found on the island of São Miguel: the beaches of Praia do Fogo, Vinha da Areia, Milícias and Areal de Santa Bárbara. In addition, the water temperature is mild throughout the year due to the Gulf Stream.

There are many reasons to book hotels and resorts in the Azores and start a wonderful adventure in the heart of nature. Book your trip now and take advantage of deals.

See you in the islands!

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