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Istanbul, the city that serves as Bridge between Europe and Asia, it has been the inspiration for many films and novels. This has allowed the metropolis to maintain that characteristic aura of mystery and romance that characterizes it as a powerful magnet to visitors from all corners of the world.

No curious traveler will want to miss out on admiring the sunset over the Sea of Marmara, getting lost among the curiosities of the Gran Bazaar, or staying in the best hotels in Istanbul to fully enjoy their stay between two continents.

Istanbul tourist attractions

The magic of the city of Istanbul it resides in the energy of its streets, as well as in the mixture of cultures and traditions. In addition, its countless tourist attractions make the most populated city in Turkey one of the most visited. Guests arriving up to the ancient Byzantium to stay in Barceló Hotels & Resorts discover churches, mosques, palaces and synagogues that coexist in perfect harmony, giving a unique beauty to this historic destination.

Istanbul is also a place where you can fall in love with local culinary delicacies. The Turkish cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes in this city: Lüfer, kebab, Turkish delicacies, baklava, tabvuk; and many more.