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Mass tourism hasn’t discovered the attraction of Nicaragua. This Central American country offers incredible beaches, virgin forests, attractive colonial cities and volcanic landscapes with the excitement of making visitors feel like they are the first explorers of its great treasures. Los Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Nicaragua looking for thrill seekers

Managua and its legacy or the colonial jewel of Nicaragua

Without needing to choose, both cities are just 50 minutes away – Managua is the perfect destination for those who appreciate the historic beauty. Despite the earthquake that ravaged most of the capital, the colonial neighborhoods and enclaves such as the Plaza de la Revolución and the Loma de Tiscapa National Historical Park have become a very vigorous place today. This happens with Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Managua, where you only have authentic local experiences.

Granada it is the renowned colonial landscape of Nicaragua, with cobblestone backstreets, a neoclassical old quarter and an explosion of colors on every façade. A photogenic city with a large seafront promenade that looks out over Lake Cocibolca; charm intensifies from the Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Nicaragua.

The island of volcanoes and unique surfing beaches

Precisely in the waters of the Great Lake Cocibolca is the Ometepe Island, it has the peculiarity of having twin volcanoes. The experience of looking out over this unique island on the ferry is only surmountable by the excitement of climbing one of the giants. From Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Nicaragua, guests will have access to these unique experiences.

As Nicaragua is bathed by the waters of the Caribbean and the Pacific, it is home to varied beaches, some of which are a strong waves perfect for surfers- especially in the area of San Juan del Sur or La Boquita – and others with endless sandy beaches to disconnect. More to the north, Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Montelimar Beach combines the local culture of this region with luxury services and relaxation beaches.

Discover the possibilities of this destination with our hotels in Nicaragua.