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To the south of Moravia, among forests, rivers and vineyards, there is a city that is as fertile as the surrounding countryside. EN Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic and the administrative center of the Southern Moravian Region. A place to enjoy, from the perspective of the year, the marvelous artistic and cultural heritage that takes center stage in its history. A legendary splendor that extends luxury and the highlights of the hotels in Brno This is a pleasant experience for all types of travelers.

The surprise of a holiday in Brno

There is no definite guide on what to do in Brno this is the city that is done to travelers, and not on the other way. The city offers visitors as varied as it could be said Brno is made up of several cities at the same time and visitors must decide which aspect of the city they are interested in discovering.

For some, you will be getting closer to its architectural heritage, a tangible wealth of monuments such as the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, Spilberk Castle (used as a prison for centuries) or Villa Tugendhat (functionalist building in the period of egula declared a World Heritage Site). Others, however, will feel greater weakness by the intangible city values and they would prefer to mingle with the locals in the lively atmosphere of Námesti Svobody (Plaza de la Libertad), the medieval houses of the surrounding area, the hustle and bustle of Zelný Trh (Mercado de las Flores) or the picturesque bars where you can treat yourself to Czech cuisine such as cochinillo with agria cabbage or roast duck with pumpkin garnish.

The interesting thing about this Czech country enclave is that every traveler can decide what they want to do in Brno, with the certainty that any activity, whether it is leisure or culture, will be enriching. In addition, if there is a way of submerging yourself in places in the metropolis and to be amazed by its secrets, it is exploring the labyrinth of underground passages that run through and in which today the echoes of its lesser-known history are still discovered.

Hotels in Brno for business trips

This is the largest city in Moravia, and its administrative center, business trips in Brno are something usual. Finding a hotel in the center of Brno makes no complication for this type of visitor, since the accommodation options in the city are wide and varied. However, business stays require a special attention to such important aspects as having excellent Wi-Fi connections, providing ease of travel to other highlights in the city or having areas specifically designed for the holding events and business meetings. The Barceló Hotel Group takes care of all these details and more. As a business city, hotel offers in Brno It is characterized by its guests that are equipped with the latest technology, facilities adapted to host all types of celebrations and an unbeatable location to get to know the city beyond the business.

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