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Hotels in Jakarta

Located in Southwest Asia and north of the exotic island of Java, Jakarta is the largest and most popular city of Indonesia. The Indonesian capital holds a mystical charm, where you can enjoy the eastern calm and the placidity of the Pacific. Visit Jakarta from one of our Barceló Hotel Group hotels and let yourself be seduced by the Asian contrast, a union of a rich past and avant-garde skyscrapers. Past and present combine in this fascinating city!

What to visit in the city of Jakarta?

Those who travel to Jakarta have to discover the Isqlal Mosque, the most impressive mosque in Indonesia and one of the most important Muslim temples in the world. From here, the walk continues to the huge Merdeka Square where the most spectacular building in the city is located: the Indonesian National Monument (Monas). With its imposing 130 meters of height, it is the national symbol par excellence. Don't miss the incredible 360º views from here!


Near the same square, you can learn about the history of the country by visiting the National Museum of Indonesia. This archaeological and historical museum houses collections covering a large part of Indonesian history and its entire territory. It is known as the Elephant Building due to its popular elephant statue located in the front courtyard.


The Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is an obligatory visit to discover Indonesia without leaving Jakarta. Different cultural and recreational areas of the country are represented in this miniature park, can be toured by motorcycle or taking a nice walk through its gardens, museums and theaters.


The Indonesian capital offers a captivating multifaceted culture, concentrated in shows, festivals and a variety of events. In addition, you can enjoy the nightlife of Jakarta's old quarter, tour Grand Indonesia (jewel of the city's shopping malls), hang out in one of its beautiful and unique parks or climb one of the skyscrapers the city houses.


This destination has enough to entertain any of its visitors! And one of the best ways to experience the city to the fullest and explore every corner of it is to stay at a 5-star hotel like The Orient Jakarta, a Royal Hideaway Hotel.

Excursions around the city of Jakarta

From Jakarta you can discover an authentic paradise located a few minutes from the city. This is an excursion to enjoy the overwhelming beauty of the Thousand Islands, a group of islands where you can relax on beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters. In addition to escaping the city for a while, here you can swim, dive, or practice water sports.

Local gastronomy in Jakarta

At this destination you will be able to taste street food or enjoy the best local dishes. Jakarta's local cuisine, called betawi, is characterized by mixed European and Chinese influences.

Jakarta Travel Guide