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Malta, a small archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea south of Italy. A popular tourist destination with a warm climate and a distinctive and impressive combination of history, culture, and natural scenery.


The capital, Valletta, a walled city full of history and charm, is undoubtedly one of the country's major attractions. Its cobblestone streets are home to majestic palaces, churches, and fortresses that transport you back in time, especially the Co-cathedral of St. John, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, famous for its ornate interior and baroque decoration, as well as its valuable works by Caravaggio.


Beyond its rich historical heritage, Malta is also home to impressive prehistoric temples, with the Temples of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra - inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List - being its most remarkable examples of megalithic structures in the archipelago dating back to 3,000 BC.


But Malta is more than a country full of historical and cultural heritage. This small country also offers to those searching for nature, sun and beach, coastal landscapes that will delight everyone. From the idyllic Blue Lagoon with its pristine, crystal clear water on Comino Island to the Blue Grotto and Dingli Cliffs to Golden Bay's golden sandy beaches, there is something for everyone here.


Malta also offers a lively nightlife. From trendy bars to seaside restaurants, visitors will find options to satisfy the most demanding culinary and entertainment desires.


A visit to Malta's cultural festivals, such as the Malta Carnival and the International Fireworks Festival - events full of energy, music, traditional dances, and a unique festive experience - is something not to be missed.


Malta is, without a doubt, a captivating and fascinating destination where the charm of the ancient is intermingled with natural beauty.


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