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With a private beach on Santiago Peninsula
Architecture inspired by Mayan culture
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For all beach lovers looking for waves and miles of white sand, your destination is located in Manzanillo, Mexico. Two bays that form a half moon, Manzanillo and Santiago are placed next to the other on this stretch of the Pacific coast. The combination of almost 13 km of beach and temperatures that are only lower than 21 degrees away, the Manzanillo resorts have a lot to offer for everyone. Families will enjoy the protected areas of Manzanillo Bay. Gentle waves and miles of sand It makes it the perfect place to relax with the little ones or walk along the coast. Playa de la Audiencia beach is a popular beach in the bay of Santiago, to the north of the rocky peninsula that divides the two bodies of water. The sun shades available for visitors and food vendors make it very pleasant to spend a day by the sea. What’s more, anyone with diving glasses will have the opportunity to see hot air balloon fish, sea urchins and angel fish from the water’s surface.

Diving in Manzanillo

Those with experience diving can explore the deep waters where the coral reefs and sunken shipwrecks attract the shoals of shimmering fish. A famous underwater witness to see is an enormous cargo ship that sank in 1959. It is also possible to be back in centuries, when the pirates surf the waters. Guests at hotels in Manzanillo that are interested in surfing and unwinding a good dose of adrenaline will meet their needs on Miramar beach. Located near the extreme south of the bay of Manzanillo, Miramar is a coveted environment for boogie boarding and surfing, with waves that can reach up to three meters in height.

Manzanillo Downtown and the seaport

The journey to visit the city center, whether by taxi or bus, is very short from the hotels in Manzanillo, located on the bay. The old town is separated from the beaches by the port entrance. Visitors can stroll through the Jardín Álvaro Obregón, a arbolada square where sea views and fountains offer a tranquil environment during the day. Likewise, the square is full of life and dance and is very popular with neighbors. A sight not to be missed is the gigantic sailfish statue, which is situated next to the coast. This bright blue sculpture, which represents the fish jumping with its fully expanded dorsal fin, is a tribute to the city’s reputation as a fishing mecca. Nickname The Sailfish Capital of the World (The world’s capital of the sailfish), Manzanillo is the setting for important national and international fishing contests due to the major interest that sport fishing has attracted through the population. Boats will bring the sports fishermen to the best points, being the sailfish that is most abundant between the months of June and October. There are also other large fish which can be spotted all year round. The Iguanario Archundia Museum, a refuge for over 300 iguanas, is just a few steps from the monument to the fish reef. There, reptiles live freely and feed with green sheets which are provided by the locals. Surrounded by virgin landscapes, Manzanillo is one of the most important tourist ports in Mexico, although many tourists would never guess it based on the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds this tropical paradise.

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