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Cuba is the island where rhythm is always slow, but the number of emotions and experiences multiply endlessly. It is indifferent that you are expecting it, always amazes anyone visiting, because of the eternal magic of music, dance, baseball, the authentic son is Cuban…

Its main cities, such as Trinidad, Havana, Camaguey and Cienfuegos are World Heritage Sites. These scenery are magical, fun and vibrant, and are especially visited if you stay in one of the Occidental Hotels Resorts in Cuba.


They say that you don’t feel fully in Cuba until you listen to Compay Segundo, try a cigar and savor a good rum. And that’s not all it takes, especially in Occidental Hotels Resorts in Varadero&. With over 20 kilometers of fine sandy beach and crystal clear waters, Varadero it’s the perfect destination to relax in the world’s best beach area. Whether you prefer to stay on the seafront at Playa Azul, or opt for the center of Varadero, you will feel in a made-to-measure paradise tailored to your expectations.

Be seduced by one of the hotels in Cuba designed for a perfect holiday.