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Amazing, vibrant and cosmopolitan are just some of the adjectives in a city that will love the people arriving: Lisbon. When you walk through this enchanting city, travelers will discover puzzles of small corners of hustle and bustle with a constant rhythm. This city also has an enviable climate with soft, sunny winters and summers that encourage walks.

Nominated for any occasion, such as one of the best destinations to travel, Lisbon offers visitors a visit rich history and culture which joins to a current modernist current.

What to discover in Lisbon

There’s so much to discover in this city! There’s so much to discover in this city!To begin, you can spend a whole day visiting the neighborhoods of Baixa, Alfama and Belem, among others. Looking for places that surprise you is not complicated: Parque das Nações, Avenida Liberdade, the castle of St George and the Terreiro of Paco are just a few of them. However, there are two monuments that are considered a must-see in this city that is a must-see and that they have a tax as the main players:the Monastery of the Jerónimos and the Torre de Bel em. 


But Lisbon is more than just street, avenues and monuments. Its charm can also be enjoyed through fados or by tram rides such as the famous number 28.

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