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555 reviews

Located in the center of Prague, next to Wenceslas Square
With views of the National Museum, the State Opera House and the Castle
Excellence and comfort in a 5-star hotel

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Luxury can have a lot of time. In the Occidental Hotels & Luxury resortsexclusivity takes the form of the best service in the easiest way; it is possible to enjoy the best travel destinations with ease.

Luxury hotels in the best destinations

A hotel converted into a select club where you can enjoy facilities and services that turn your stay into a luxurious holiday. Occidental Hotels & Luxury resorts allow you to enjoy unparalleled stays in the best destinations, and try the right one for yourself VIP experiences. Guests feel special and well cared for every day in the Occidental Hotels & Luxury resorts and guests can understand why as soon as they step inside the hotel lobby. The best service moves every last detail in the most exclusive Occidental hotels.

Luxury resorts in Latin America

The Riviera Maya is synonymous with luxury, and it's not hard to discover why. Occidental Hotels & Luxury resorts are select boutique hotels in natural settings with refurbished rooms (with all the comforts and state-of-the-art technology), as well as special services such as a private concierge and reception. Offering superior and exclusive amenities with special facilities for guests seeking exclusivity is the aim of the Occidental Hotels & Luxury resorts all over the world.

Punta Cana this is another destination where tropical luxury is home to home. Occidental Hotels & Luxury resorts are located on the best beaches and offer refurbished facilities, personalized service, maximum comfort and a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere.

We all deserve a luxury holiday. Choose yours from luxury hotels of the Barceló Hotel Group.