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Occidental Praha Wilson


556 reviews

Located in the center of Prague, next to Wenceslas Square
With views of the National Museum, the State Opera House and the Castle
Excellence and comfort in a 5-star hotel
Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel
Occidental Praha


556 reviews

Only a short distance from the Prague Congress Centre
Modern convention centre with capacity for 450 people
Parking in the hotel's private garage, in the car park or in the outdoor parking area.
Ultra-comfortable B-Rooms with king size beds, rainfall shower and exclusive services
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A hundred towers along the banks of the Vltava River dot the horizon. It is the skyline of Prague, which due to its unique architecture is also known as the City of a Hundred Towers or the Golden City. There are many ways to refer to the capital of the region of Bohemia, but just one way of discovering it with all the comforts that a visit of these characteristics deserves. So, our hotels in prague These are establishments that make the traveler’s stay as a fairy tale too.

What to do in Prague on vacation?

A centrally located, 5-star hotel in Prague is the best place to start your trip to this incredibly charming European capital city. The historical city center has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it goes without saying that any vacation in Prague should start and end here.

The city’s main points of interest are in the neighborhoods of Staré Město (Old Town), Malá Strana (Little Town) and Hradčany, popular due to their architectural richness, museums and theaters, and the best hotels in Prague for price. Following the end of the Communist era, these areas witnessed a return to their former splendor and, nowadays, play host to the vast majority of the artistic and cultural activity of this Czech city. By staying in these areas, travelers who arrive in Prague without really knowing what to do, simply need to head out onto the streets to discover the captivating daily life of the city.

The Golden Lane and all its legends, the Old Town Square with its iconic astronomical clock, the dazzling Prague Castle complex and its surroundings, the Kafka House, and the historical museums in Josefov (the Jewish quarter) are just a few of the most popular attractions to visit while on vacation in Prague.

Get to know Prague by tasting its cuisine

All throughout its history, Prague has been a European city that has seen a mix of very diverse cultures and traditions. This melting pot is something that can also be seen reflected in its cuisine.


Czechs usually have a particular fondness for meats and vegetables, but if there’s anything that differentiates Czech cuisine from other European dishes it’s their love for spices. Enjoy an utopenec (marinated sausages with peppers and onions) accompanied by traditional knedlíky (flour or potato balls) and finish off lunch with a hot wine, as deep-rooted in the country’s culture as ‘black theater’ performances.


Beyond the most popular flavors, there’s another way to discover the region’s rich cuisine in more modern and innovative culinary forms. Restaurants in some of the most centrally located hotels in Prague, such as the Occidental Praha Five, are the perfect place to savor some of the city’s most traditional dishes and try some of the country’s most characteristic flavors in a pleasant atmosphere to delight all your senses. Just like in the hotel rooms, these establishments take care of everything down to the very last detail, with the creative plating of each dish, so that guests and visitors alike can discover the magic of Prague through their palates.

Things to see and do in Prague