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There is no corner of the world that has not heard of Jalisco. Famous for its mariachis and rancheras, it is one of those places on the planet whose geographical location is known to everyone: Mexico in its purest form. What many may not know is that its coastline is currently an important tourist destination on the Pacific coast. Hotels in Puerto Vallartaare the best option to discover this region with all the comforts of luxury accommodation.

Vacations in Puerto Vallarta: life at a different pace

Visiting these latitudes requires, on the part of the traveler, a change of mentality. People come to the hotels and resorts in Jalisco to disconnect and enjoy a vacation experience in which the watch becomes a totally expendable accessory.


The beautiful beaches of this part of the state, sheltered by the Bay of Banderas, are a paradise of warm and calm waters where the wind barely blows. Despite the fact that the most famous of all is called Playa de los Muertos, the truth is that these coasts do not entail any risk. They are also a highly recommended place to go out for dinner, a drink or simply a walk along the Puerto Vallarta Malecón, something frequent among locals and visitors, since it offers spectacular views of the sunset.


Also on the shores of the ocean is the old town, a picturesque network of alleyways lined with buildings with whitewashed facades and reddish roofs, erected under the protection of the green mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental. A place that does not seem to age with the passage of time and where it is still possible to enjoy the most authentic and traditional flavors of the region.

Luxury vacations in Jalisco

To enjoy a holiday with activities suitable for families, couples or groups of friends, it is not necessary to travel far from the area. The Barceló Hotel Group provides guests with all the necessary resources and services to make their stay here a comfortable, enjoyable and luxurious experience.


That touch of exclusivity and distinction that the Barceló Puerto Vallarta hotel has is what makes this place an incomparable vacation destination. The hotels in Jalisco are characterized by a privileged location, between the sea and the mountains, which provides a highly varied outdoor leisure offer. The resort offers its guests a varied catalog of activities during their stay, as well as other types of services to ensure an unforgettable experience at the hotel. Spacious suites with views, semi-private beaches, luxury restaurant services, body or spa treatments are just some of the most common examples of what this type of accommodation provides.


On the other hand, the popular festivals such as those of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the International Gourmet Festival are a perfect time to travel to the area and get in touch with the flavors of the land in a city that, after the Mexican capital, has with the most varied and abundant gastronomic offer in the country. In this way, Puerto Vallarta is consolidated as a highly recommended destination to get to know Mexico through the five senses.