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Situated between the mountain range of the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea are Tunisia. This enclave in North Africa of Phoenician origins surprises its visitors with the beauty of its spectacular mosques, the coastal landscapes and the hustle and bustle of everyday life in its souks.

What to see in Tunisia

Due to its historical origins, this African enclave is the perfect option for lovers of ancient history. To the east of Tunisia, you can find ruins of old Cartago, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Museum from Cartago.

In the district of the Medina of the city is the enormous Al-Zaytuna mosque and lively souk where the exotic aromas of spices and the color of its markets offer an endless array of gastronomic options.

Close to the capital is the town Sidi Bou Said with its characteristic white and blue houses. Among the places Coastal The highlight of Monastir and Djerba island, the latter is one of the last farmer’s centers in the country and one of the last Jewish centers in the region.

Tunisia of movie

The Thysdrus coliseum is located in the city of Djem, the largest Roman amphitheater from Africa. These Roman ruins served as the setting for the Gladiator. The south of the capital is located Matmata and its characteristics excavated in the mountains used by the director George Lucas to Star Wars.