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Occidental Vigo


253 reviews

Excellent location
Ideal location for meetings and events
Perfectly connected to the Uzáiz station and future high speed AVE station
Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel
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Hotels in Vigo

To the south of the Rías Baja is Vigo, a city with a deep-rooted fishing tradition that currently stands out as a modern city open to the world. Vigo is also known for its great maritime culture, which has shaped not only its streets but also its cuisine and its people. With a deep historical imprint, it has numerous archaeological Roman ruins and areas such as the Berbés, an old fishing district where the Co-cathedral of Santa María is located.

Vigo, nicknamed the Atlantic Port, hosts the Cíes islands with idyllic beaches such as Rodes, considered by many to be the world’s best. In addition, the city has beautiful enclaves such as Monte del Castro, with spectacular panoramic views of the city and special places such as Oysters Street, the best place to eat this shellfish from which it is named after.

La Plaza de la Constitution, the Old Town and its many terraces are a must for anyone who wants to discover the true charm of Galician culture. The Museum of Modern Art (MARCO) and the exquisite mixture of architectural styles present in its neighborhoods give shape to a surprising city, suitable for all types of travelers.