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Adventures That Go Beyond the Conventional

At Barceló Hotels & Resorts we go one step further. We create moments and experiences that offer guests the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional stay. The spirit of service is in our DNA so you can enjoy every destination without worries.

Photos and Videos

Establishments with stunning concepts that seek to provide guests with the exclusivity of enjoying a unique experience. We live to create and innovate with unique experiences and concepts that allow us to always be in line with our guests, anticipate their desires, and leave an indelible mark.


State-of-the-art vacation and urban hotels and resorts that appeal to regional and local culture. Our hotels are infused with the flavor of the destination without losing our essence.


Local Culture

We blend with the destination while maintaining our own hallmark essence.


Imaginative and Surprising

We create original and creative experiences that always go one step further.


Close and Facilitating

Our aim is to make life easy and pleasant for our guests.


Dream, enjoy, remember.. Return


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