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The Top 10 Beaches in Asturias

The Asturian coast offers uninterrupted stretches of deserted, golden white beaches. Escape the throngs of Mediterranean tourists and discover the Asturian coastline where mountains and sea converge. Postcard-perfect coves are surrounded by rugged cliffs, lush vegetation, and some are even landlocked. Read on to discover our top 10 beaches of Asturias – which will be your favourite?


Some of Asturias’ most stunning beaches are not easily accessible, meaning you may well have them to yourself. Breathtaking scenery makes the treks worth every step, whether you are looking to catch some waves or lounge around in a seaside idyll.

1. El Silencio Beach

El Silencio Beach is one of Spain’s most beautiful beaches. Located in Castañeras, this unspoilt spot affords a crowdless paradise where tranquility reigns. Follow the sign-posted dirt path and descend the 100 steps to reach the 510-metre-long pebbled shoreline, bordered by soaring, rugged cliffs. You’ll also see tiny, seabird-inhabited islands dotting the horizon. Scuba diving and underwater fishing enthusiasts will be spoilt by the underwater beauty the beach affords.

La Playa del Silencio

2. Gulpiyuri Beach

Located near the town of Naves, lies one of the most extraordinary beaches in Asturias. The 50 m inland beach is tucked away from the coast at the foot of majestic cliffs and lush vegetation. When the tide rolls in, Gulpiyuri Beach seawater gushes through the underground tunnels, making it look more like a natural pool. It’s not surprising that it was declared a National Monument in 2001 by the local government. Parking is located right by the path leading to the beach. You can also reach the beach by taking a 12-minute walk from Naves.

playa gulpiyuri

3. Torimbia Beach

The town of Niembro is the gateway to the spectacular unspoilt beauty of Torimbia Beach. Sheltered by colossal cliffs, the spectacular 500-metre-long, crescent-shaped beach is a protected natural reserve. Though especially popular among nudists, it attracts all types of sunbathers – in bathing suits and birthday suits alike! The way is clearly sign-posted and the beach is easily accessed by a 5 to10-minute walk.



4. Ballota Beach

The Asturian coast is a marvel well-worth protecting and Ballota Beach is another example of a beach that has retained its natural wildness thanks to these efforts. Gentle waves lap the sand as you take in the view of the stunning Castro Rock rising through the sea. High tides afford one of the most fantastic experiences: come witness the sheer power of water exploding through a blowhole. There is also a nudist bathing area. Located in the vicinity of the village of Cué, the beach is easily accessible by foot.

Playa de Ballota

5. Rodiles Beach

Easily accessible, Rodiles Beach sits by the mouth of the Villaviciosa estuary. Backed by a forest of pine and eucalyptus trees, the broad golden sands of this kilometre-long beach offers ample space to throw down your towel – even during the busy summer months. The beach is also a hotspot among surfers looking for the perfect swell.

Playa de Rodiles

6. Cuevas del Mar Beach

The gorgeous Cuevas del Mar Beach sits at the mouth of the Nueva Estuary in the parish of Llanes, bounded by impressive geological formations and verdant vegetation. The sea carved out the cove and left behind strange, yet beautiful sculpted rocks. The beach’s calm waters are easily reached; park and walk just 125 m.


7. Poo Beach

Don’t let the name fool you, Poo Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Europe by National Geographic (Spain). Located at the mouth of the Vallina estuary, this funnel-shaped, 150 m sandy haven is contained by cliffs and lush greenery. At low tide, there is no sea in sight but at high tide a calm, sparkling emerald-coloured water pool forms, making it an ideal place for children to sunbathe. Don’t forget to grab a selfie with Poo Rock; shaped like a sunken-ship, it makes the perfect backdrop for a unique shot.

8. Andrín Beach

This quaint, 200-metre-long shell-shaped beach is located a stone’s throw away from Ballota Beach, just on the other side of Pandón Point. Take in the dramatic views of the both beaches’ white sands bounded by vertiginous rock walls and lush greenery, but be weary of the waters down below. Though inviting, Andrín’s undercurrents are unpredictable and its waves fierce. Located in the parish of Llanes, the beach is easily reachable. Take the short trail leading from the car park, straight to the beach. Llanes offers other beautiful beaches, so be sure to check out what other secrets the beaches of Llanes have.

Playa de Andrin

9. Penarronda Beach

Asturias boasts several world-class beaches and Penarronda Beach is one of them. Nestled between the parishes of Castropol and Tapia de Casariego, lush, flat-topped cliffs form the background of this designated 600-metre-long, Natural Monument of fine, white sand. The jagged boulder of Peña Redonda, which lends the beach its name, sits right at the centre of the beach, right by the water. The beach is located within the Río Eo, Oscos and Terras de Buron UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, home to an abundance of flora, including the native, endangered plant species Malcomita littorea (Sand Stock). The windy conditions provide awesome swells, making it a popular hotspot among surfers.

10. Aguilar Beach

Located in Muros de Nalón, Aguilar Beach is an ideal destination for surfers thanks to fabulous surface waves. It is also a fantastic location for snorkelling and fishing. Muros de Nalón also marks the beginning of the Route of the Miradores, a trail that runs along the coast of Asturias and offers breathtaking views from the top of the cliffs. Reaching this piece of paradise is easy enough as a road leads to it. It is also equipped with all the amenities you will need.

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