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Puerto Sherry: an exclusive spot with the finest sunsets in the bay

Puerto Sherry is not just a good point to dock at on the boat routes travelling along the coast of Cádiz and Andalusia, it is also a hub of activity, in both the day and at night, above all during the warmer months of the year; although it’s worth mentioning that the marina is open (and active) all year round.

In addition to the colourful luxury apartment blocks that characterise Puerto Sherry are a great variety of interesting leisure and eating options. What’s more, it is home to one of the best beaches (La Muralla) in the town where it is located: El Puerto de Santa María.

The best marina in Cádiz

If there’s one thing that characterises Puerto Sherry it is its magnificent setting, right in the heart of the Bay of Cádiz, with some of the finest panoramic views of the city, as well as its port. Moreover, a large part of the area adjacent to the marina is west-facing, which means it boasts some of the most spectacular sunsets in the province.

For fans of sailing, Puerto Sherry offers top-quality services. Here are a small selection of them:

  • In total: 842 berths
  • A dry dock with a 200 and a 50T travelift boat hoist
  • 10T forklift
  • Asphalt ramp
  • An extensive area for dinghy sailing
  • Water and electricity supply for both berths and the dry dock
  • Waste collection
  • Private security
  • 24-hour ship-hand service
  • Wi-Fi coverage



Aside from the evident sailing focus, Puerto Sherry is also a great place to visit for enjoying other open-air sports and activities, such as padel, beach volleyball, fishing, diving, and agility and dog training.

The beach of Puerto Sherry

The beach of Puerto Sherry is best known as La Muralla, named as such after an enormous stone wall that was once part of the Castle of Santa Catalina, one of the forts that was so fundamental to the Bay of Cádiz’s defensive system centuries ago.

The beach, meanwhile, boasts golden sand and measures around 300 metres in length and a maximum of 60 metres in width. It’s one of the favourite places of locals and visitors alike on days on which the easterly and westerly winds are especially heavy, since it is well protected by the cliffs that line it, as well as Puerto Sherry’s different buildings.

The area boasts various car parks, lifeguards in peak season, showers and toilets. What’s more, there are various restaurants close by where you can eat lunch or dinner, without ever losing sight of the sea.

Regattas in Puerto Sherry

As previously mentioned, one of the plus points of Puerto Sherry is its geographical situation, right in the Bay of Cádiz. Although the waters of the Atlantic lap at its shores, the bay is relatively protected from large waves. This means that, even if the wind is strong, it’s possible to enjoy regattas throughout much of the year. In fact, you could go as far as saying that there is at least one sailing competition a month in Puerto Sherry, even in the winter.

As you would expect, summer boasts the highest number of regattas, some of the most popular taking place during the port’s Nautical Week, which is held around 15 August. The various categories include: Catamaran, J80/Cruising boat, Optimist, Windsurfing, Classic sailboat and 420.

The regattas make for a really amazing scene with the city of Cádiz and the Constitution Bridge looming in the background.

Restaurants in Puerto Sherry

One of the great attractions of Puerto Sherry is its restaurants and establishments where you can have an after-dinner drink. Here’s the pick of the bunch:

  • La Terraza de Puerto Sherry (Avenida de la Libertad, no number): The restaurant of the hotel Puerto Sherry. It boasts outside tables, which are the best vantage point of the port, and serves seafood with highly recommended rice dishes.
  • Crabby’s Coastfood (Paseo Marítimo, 2): As you would expect with this kind of name, crab is of course the star of the show here, served in a variety of combinations and with clear influence from American cooking, such as the delicious crab burger.
  • Casa Pepe Puerto Sherry (Pueblo Marinero Puerto Sherry, casa 100): Traditional cuisine, some modern touches and a terrace with amazing views, which is a genuine touch of luxury.
  • Pizzería Blanca Paloma (Paseo de la Bahía): Authentic Italian food and impressive views from the terrace. If we had to mention one disadvantage: the food is served on cardboard plates.
  • Crêfondue (Paseo Marítimo, 3): French-Swiss cuisine with little pretension but lots of success, above all if you’re after a quick meal before carrying on sailing or swimming at La Muralla beach.

In addition to the restaurants of Puerto Sherry, the selection of bars and terraces where you can enjoy a drink or two is no less of a draw. These are the most highly recommended establishments:

  • Phi Phi Beach (Puerto Serrano, 9): The perfect place to while away the evening, for its views, atmosphere, comfortable seats and, of course, the beautiful sunsets on the seafront.
  • Sotavento Lounge & Bar (Paseo Marítimo, 2 and 3): Situated practically next to the port’s breakwater, Sotavento is also a restaurant, although, without a doubt, night-time drinks after the sun has gone down are the best option. The terrace is comfortable and has a great feel to it.

Information of interest

How to arrive

  • By car: Puerto Sherry is in the municipal district of El Puerto de Santa María, around 25 km from Cádiz (half an hour). To get there, take the CA-35, followed by the CA-32, which connects with the N-IV. Once in El Puerto de Santa María, follow the signs.
  • By public transport: From Cádiz, you can get there on a catamaran route that connects with El Puerto de Santa María. Once at the maritime station you can take a taxi, or walk for about half an hour, to Puerto Sherry. There are also bus and train services between both towns.

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