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Visiting Huelva with Friends, the perfect plan to enjoy the Romería

Enjoying a well-earned holiday with good friends is something truly special. Choosing the right place, so as to make the most of the trip, is an important part of the planning. Huelva has all the ingredients necessary for a great time with friends; quiet tourist areas, unique natural environments, an enviable cuisine, incredible beaches, historical monuments and internationally known celebrations like the Romería del Rocío.

In short, a trip to Huelva with friends is one that we are sure will be a success. Read on to see our recommendations for a brilliant trip with your friends in this southern province of Spain.



Eating prawns in Huelva

One thing that never fails to unite people is sharing a meal with one another, especially delicious dishes at a tapas bar. When in Huelva, one of the dishes that you must try is the deep-water rose shrimp. You can enjoy this delicacy boiled, grilled or even raw. Here are some of the bars and restaurants where you can try this local dish.

amigos huelva

A group of friends bridle in the middle of a meal in sunny Huelva.

Azabache Restaurant

Azabache (Calle Vázquez López, 22) was a typical tapas bar that has now been converted into a restaurant. It is definitely one of the best places to eat at if you want to try the famous shrimp as well as other traditional dishes that are local to Huelva.


This is another great place to try the famous shrimp dish. Located at number 15 Calle Vázquez López, this restaurant always has freshly caught deep-water rose shrimp on its menu. If that’s not enough, then you can always try some of their delicious casseroles.

Bar Paco Moreno

Situated at number 18, Paseo Independencia, Paco Moreno’s bar serves some wonderfully refreshing beers and offers a range of seafood tapas dishes, all at fair prices.

Tasting the hams of Jabugo

cortador de jamón

A skilled ham cutter seduces while being watched.

There are a great many reasons to visit the picturesque Sierra de Aracena, whether it is to see the villages made up of stone houses or the verdant forests where the legendary Iberian pigs seek out truffles. Nestled in this beautiful mountain range, you’ll find the small village of Jabugo.  This is the home of the mouth-watering Jabugo ham.

A wonderful plan, when travelling with friends in this part of the world, is to visit Jabugo and try some of the most exclusive ham in the world. You can try this authentic delicacy in one of the town’s many restaurants, such as Parada Jabugo, Las Bellotas, Bodega Cinco Jotas, De Jabugo La Cañada, Montesierra, La Huerta de Jabugo, La Bodeguita or La Boutique del Ibérico. In any one of these places, quality is guaranteed.

Be a pilgrim in El Rocío

For the Pentecost, the seventh Sunday after Easter, the largest pilgrimage in Spain takes place with the Romería del Rocío. During the festival, the small town hosts around 1 million pilgrims who come from all over Andalusia in what is an explosion of devotion, joy and a great deal of revelry.

La Blanca Paloma

The White Dove rests with such emotion in the Hermitage of El Rocío.

Whether on horseback, on foot or in a cart, the pilgrims wear their traditional costumes with pride and the singing, dancing, drinking and even flirting, never stops in this most colourful of Spanish festivals. Without a doubt, if you want to dress up as a pilgrim, then this is the perfect time to do so and enjoy this wonderful celebration and procession with your friends.

Visting Doñana in an all-terrain vehicle

flamencos en Doñana

A colorful group of flamingos at ease in the Doñana National Park.

It should be considered a crime to visit Huelva and not spend at least a few hours in the Doñana National Park, which is one of the most incredible ecosystems in all Europe. To ensure that you make the most of your time in Huelva, one of the best plans with friends is to have fun day out visiting the national park in a 4×4. This trip is sure to not disappoint, as you drive through the dunes, marshes and meadows that make up this unique landscape.

By booking through Doñana Activa, the company that has exclusive rights to operate in the park, you’ll be able to enjoy a 4-hour adventure around this incredible landscape. Starting out in Matalascañas, you’ll pass virgin beaches, the Marismillas Palace, the village of La Plancha, where you’ll see reconstructions of pre-20th century marsh huts, before finishing up at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River with views of Sanlúcar de Barrameda on the opposite shore. It will be an adventure that you and your friends will never forget.

Enjoy the beaches at Isla Cristina and Isla Canela

Of course, one of the other main reasons to visit Huelva is to take some time out on one of its great many beaches. The region of Huelva has some of the most magnificent beaches in all Spain. Some of them, such as the famous coastline of Mazagón, are so long that they are perfect for those who seek tranquillity and solitude.

dunas en Isla Canela

Dunes in front of the Isla Canela beach.

However, if you want more lively and touristic places, then we recommend that you and your friends visit the beaches of Ayamonte, and those of Isla Cristina and Isla Canela.

Isla Canela has a long, wide beach where you´re bound to find your perfect spot, whereas Isla Cristina is a wonderful beach that also has a bustling marina, with plenty of delicious things to eat or drink. Furthermore, during the month of February, Isla Cristina celebrates carnival with a great deal of gusto.

Play golf in an unforgettable environment

bola al hoyo

A player sharpens the aim in front of the hole.

Few people know that Huelva is the birthplace of golf in Spain. This tradition has brought about the construction of some of most interesting golf courses in the country, which means it’s a great place to go to improve your swing among friends.

The views alone are reason enough to go and enjoy a round or two. The enormous El Rompido Golf Course, located next to the beautiful Marismas de Piedra in Cartaya, is one of the most incredible places to play this noble sport. There are two 18-hole courses to choose from so that you and your friends can see who will come out on top.

Staying within the municipality of Cartaya, you’ll also be able to enjoy another 18-hole course at the Golf Nuevo Portil course. Take your time to enjoy a round with your friends, all the while marvelling at the wonderful views of the landscape’s endless dunes and the Atlantic Ocean.

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