Beyond Corona: the top 5 Mexican craft beers you have to try

During your stay at Occidental Cozumel, discover alternatives to Pacifico, Corona, and Tecate. Here are five of the best Mexican craft beer options.

Mas cerveza, por favor. As in the United States, the Mexican craft beer scene has grown enormously in recent years, with creative brewers delivering innovative spins on classics – and sometimes throwing out the rule book entirely. During your stay at the all inclusive Occidental Cozumel, discover some exciting alternatives to Pacifico, Corona, and Tecate. Here are five of the best Mexican craft beer options.

Minerva Stout Imperial

Brewer: Cervecería Minerva

Location: Jalisco

The Beer: A deliciously dark Irish dry stout, Minerva Stout Imperial is a must-try for those who love a good Guinness. Made with a rigorous process ensuring quality, the flavors offer massive notes of chocolate, coffee and brown sugar – this is one rich brew!

One More To Try: Minerva’s Ambar de Guadalajara is an English mild ale that took home the gold at the World Beer Cup in 2010.

Primus Tempus Dorada

Brewer: Cervecería Primus

Location: Oaxaca de Juárez

The Beer: As its name suggests, Tempus Dorada is a dazzlingly golden ale that’s as refreshing to drink as it is pleasant to look at. With a light ABV of 4.3 percent and aromas of bread and honey, it’s the best Mexican craft beer for an afternoon by the pool or on the beach.

One More To Try: Tempus’ Reserva Especial (Special Reserve) is a Scottish-style ale that goes great with spicy food.

Seis Hileras Porter

Brewer: Cervecería Seis Hileras

Location: Mexico City

The Beer: The brewing brothers behind Seis Hileras take great pride in their top quality ingredients – and you can taste the results of their painstaking process in their excellent porter, which provides an ideal accompaniment for red meat.

One More To Try: The brewery’s Helles Lager is a light, bright Mexican craft beer that goes down nice and easy on a sunny Cozumel day.

Maquahuitl Black IPA

Brewer: Microcerveceria Gourmet Calavera

Location: Tlalnepantla de Baz

The Beer: A dark India Pale Ale with just the right amount of bitterness, Maquahuitl Black IPA is perfect for hop fanatics and one of the best Mexican craft beer options out there. What’s the story behind the name? The Maquahuitl is the legendary obsidian sword used by the Aztecs.

One More To Try: The Tripel de Abada is a classic Belgian-style ale that will please even the most serious beer snobs.

María Bonita Blonde Ale

Brewer: Cervecería María Bonita

Location: Santa Ana Ixtlahuaca

The Beer: A citrusy delight from first sip to last, María Bonita’s Blonde Ale goes down very easy – you’ll probably want to order two! And take a little time to enjoy Cervecería María Bonita’s elaborate labels, which are amazing work of art in their own right.

One More To Try: The María Bonita Porter is the epitome of a dark beer – given an authentically Mexican twist. Cheers!

Of course, there are many more fantastic Mexican craft beers to try – it seems as if a new brewery opens up every month. Stay tuned to Pin & Travel for more recommendations.