Best warm New Year’s destinations for all the family

Travel to the best warm New Year's destinations in Europe and uncover a wealth of activities to do on New Years Eve in the sun.

The festive holiday season is a time for reflection and being with family. However, it is also a time for rest and relaxation when you can escape the daily grind and enjoy some quality down time. It is easy to get trapped in the routine of staying at home, huddled around a log fire proudly wearing a Christmas jumper but for those of you who crave a change, we have brought together our pick of the best warm New Year’s destinations to enjoy with all the family. Just a short journey from all major European cities, it is easier than ever to enjoy New Year’s Eve on the beach.

The Canary Islands - One of the best warm New Year’s destinations in Europe

Located just a stone’s throw off the Eastern shores of Africa lies the small group of islands known as the Canary Islands. Boasting a temperate climate that often feels like eternal springtime, these islands are one of the best warm New Year’s destinations for winter sun holidays. So if you are looking to spend New Years Eve in the sun the Canary Islands offers seven idyllic island getaways to choose from. Whether it is the cosmopolitan glitz and glamour of Gran Canaria or the sun kissed shores of Tenerife that catch your attention, this volcanic corner of the world offers a wealth of memories to be made with your family and loved ones. The best time to visit the Canary Islands is during the springtime just before the intense summer season or between September to March when the crowds have left the beach but the sun still sits high in the sky.

Enjoy a New Year’s beach vacation in Lanzarote

If you are looking for warm places to celebrate new years then Lanzarote is a perfect place to explore. It is often romantically referred to as the ‘Land of 1000 volcanos’ so it is no surprise that the landscape looks more like a moonscape than a tropical island. César Manrique saw great potential in the barren vistas and in the 60s, transformed the island into a chic, bohemian paradise, free from mass tourism. An unmissable sight and a must visit while on the island of Lanzarote is one of the many vineyards that sit scattered on the lunar landscape. Due to the high winds, small walls are built around each vine to protect it - an ingenious solution! Of course don’t forget to catch some winter sun on the Papagayo beach, a white sand paradise with gentle ocean waves.

Best beach destinations for New Year’s in Fuerteventura

If a beach break is what you are after, then Fuerteventura is one of the best New Year’s beach vacations for a romantic getaway. It is also one of the best warm New Year’s destinations for sports lovers thanks to the abundance of adventure activities available to try. Surfing, sailing, hiking and cycling are all popular amongst tourists and locals alike and make wonderful activities to try with a loved one. If sunbathing and exploring are more your scene don’t miss a trip to the ‘Popcorn beach’, aptly named after the popcorn like formation of the sand made from coral. Finish of your travels with a trek through the Dunas de Corralejo National Park where mountains of soft sand will make you feel as if you are travelling through a desert landscape.

Warm places for New Year’s Eve in Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands are known as the Hawaii of Europe and Gran Canaria certainly helps live up to the fame. El Confital is a surfers paradise offering volcanic surroundings and Instagrammable waves that gurgle and crash on the shallow shores. It is one of the best warm New Year’s destinations thanks to its alluring combination of chic city living and impressive natural formations. Embrace the dazzling array of rooftop bars, sit and eat at one of Las Palmas’ beachfront restaurants or shop the latest fashions at the stylish city boutiques. Don’t miss the mesmerizing Maspalomas sand dunes nor the chance to visit a local rum distillery in Arucas. There are so many new year warm destinations, but none quite like the natural paradise of Gran Canaria.

Vacation spots for New Year’s in Tenerife

From north to the south, Tenerife is blessed with idyllic hot places for new year celebrations. It is considered to be one of the best warm New Year’s destinations in Europe as it provides endless places to explore for all the family. Venture to El Teide, an active volcano and experience clear night skies made for star gazing. If watersports are more your idea of fun, the beach of El Medano is famous for its surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions, so much so that the windsurf world championships are held here every year. The island is not short of relaxing hotel spas where you can let all of your tensions melt away before enjoying the island’s rich gastronomic scene, bursting with colour and flavor. The local wine is delicious and a trip to a winery offers invaluable insights into the island’s strong links with the UK.

Hot destinations for New Year in the Canary Islands

If you are searching for good places to spend New Years there are plenty of options to choose from, far and wide. However, after the bitterly cold winter months, it is nice to daydream about a New Years beach vacation to some far flung island, so the Canary Islands are the ideal option for the best warm New Year's destinations in Europe. Their proximity to home, high safety rating and captivating array of things to do make them high on the list of nye places to go. Which of the seven islands will you visit?