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Located on a beautiful bay with white sand and crystal clear water Spectacular swimming pool with lounging area All-Inclusive service and unlimited reservations at our specialty restaurants
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Nature created the perfect white sandy beaches of Cancun, but it took man’s hand to transform the natural beauty of this place into the idyllic holiday destination that it is today. The hotels in Cancún were built to make the most of the unique geography that is the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Cancun, which started out as a small fishing village, has become a premier tourist destination. The city has two different areas: the city center and the hotel zone. The city center is full of excellent shopping centers, restaurants and traditional markets. Mercado 28 is one of the most popular, ideal for finding authentic Mexican crafts, food and clothes. Guests traveling on foot can enjoy the many parks that adorn the labyrinthine streets of the city center, as well as of the enormous fountain of the Ceviche, located on Avenida Tulum, formed by shells, snails and starfish, which shines in the evening to create a truly beautiful show.

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The hotel zone is also a long and narrow strip of land in the middle of the Caribbean, resulting in 22 km of white sandy beaches bathed by crystal-clear waters. The highlights of this area are modern tourist centers and hotels known for their beauty, comfort and exceptional service. As the hotel zone was planned for tourists, it has a service culture dating back to its beginning over 20 years ago, and today it is an essential feature of any Cancun tourist complex.

Cancun offers ancient and modern wonders

During spring vacations, Cancun hotels are a renowned destination for students, who spend their days swimming and sunbathing on the beautiful beaches, and their nights enjoying the hectic nightlife in the many bars, restaurants and clubs. But this destination is much more than a good tan and delicious cocktails. Cancun has 15 first-class golf courses , designed by the best brands in the world, allowing golfers to practice their favorite sport with views of the jungle, lakes and dunes. The activities involving children include swimming with dolphins, two water parks, a zoo and a pirate ship. 


Best of all is that Cancún is the gateway to the world of the ancient Mayan people. There are day trips that, departing from Cancun, will take travelers to three important Mayan ruins: Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum. Chichen Itza is known primarily for its great step pyramid, El Castillo, although the complex includes other wonders such as the Wall of Skulls and the Temple of the Warriors. Coba has an intricate system of elevated roads, and Tulum has the remains of a seaport that, in the past, developed an important trade in two highly valued minerals: turquoise and jade. Its Hall of Frescoes presents an idea of Mayan mythology through a partially restored mural.


With so many opportunities, a stay in a Cancun hotel offers an unparalleled experience, combining modern comfort, the natural beauty of its landscapes and a glimpse of the world's most interesting ancient civilization.