Everything you need to know about Dubai Expo 2020

The Dubai Expo 2020 dates are now set and the Dubai Expo 2020 will be the biggest and best cultural event of 2021. Discover everything about Expo 2020.

Home to some of the best beaches in the Middle East, a desert straight from Arabian Nights and all the luxury shopping you could imagine, Dubai is a top destination for travel in 2021. But, this year, the Emirate state has gone and upped its travel credentials with the arrival of the Dubai Expo 2020. This showstopper event was originally due to take place in 2020, but COVID put a pin in those plans and the new Dubai Expo 2020 dates are  Friday, 1st October 2021 until Thursday, 31st March 2022. Dubai is the first country in the Middle East and South Asia to host a World Expo event making it a must-see while on your travels.

What is Expo 2020?

The event celebrates innovation and human ingenuity and it is a place where millions of people can share ideas and promote progress. The World Expo takes place in a new location each time. This time Dubai! Due to the diversity of its participants, from top decision-makers to children, expos are a multifaceted event where extraordinary exhibitions, diplomatic encounters, business meetings, public debates and live shows take place at the same time, and the Expo Dubai will be no exception. Every major global city can be reached from Dubai with only one stopover, making it a major hub and the perfect hosting nation for Expo Dubai. Here is everything you need to know about the Dubai Expo, including ideas for the perfect place to stay during your visit to Dubai.

Dubai Expo 2020 location: the UAE

The world has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Dubai Expo 2020 since it was announced back on the 27th of November 2013. It was a massive win for Dubai and fireworks lit up the sky surrounding the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. So much so that Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed, declared a national holiday the following day across all educational institutions in the country and promised Dubai would ‘astonish the world’ with its Expo 2020 events. The offering promises to be huge and if the numbers are anything to go by, it will be a monumental moment in Dubai’s history.

The Expo in Numbers

  • 277,000 jobs are expected to be created for the next Expo 2020
  • The economy is predicted to grow by $40 billion
  • Between 25 million and 100 million visitors are planning to visit the event
  • The UAE has 5 international airports to cater to all the guests
  • The ‘Dubai Metro Route 2020’ is designed to transport 46,000 visitors an hour for the expo taking them from Dubai Marina to the doors of the expo in 16 minutes.
  • There are over 200 nationalities living in Dubai
  • The Dubai Expo 2020 will have over 200 participants and 30,000 volunteers.
Dubai’s world-class infrastructure, advanced technology, effortless efficiency and truly innovative nature means it’s fully mobilised and ready to create a totally exceptional, unforgettable Dubai Expo 2020.

Expo 2020 site location: where in Dubai is the Expo being held?

It’s time to explore a never seen before side of Dubai; one that promises a better tomorrow. Step inside the Expo 2020 site and experience the futuristic magic that is the result of years of meticulous planning. The site itself is situated in an area called Dubai south which is strategically positioned close to Al Maktoum International Airport. The events will take place across a 4.38 square kilometre radius and it can be accessed via four major city routes. Be dazzled by the intricately constructed buildings which will house the various talks, shows and concerts that are scheduled for the big event. And, don’t forget to soak up the electric atmosphere as the city comes alive with culture and art. Of course, while in Dubai don’t miss out on a trip to the iconic Dubai palm, home to one of the best hotels in the UAE.

A nod to a sustainable future for Dubai

We cannot look towards the future without acknowledging the fundamental importance of sustainability in innovation. So, it is no surprise to see that this topic gets its own designated district within the Expo. In addition to the state of the art showcases from the most sustainably advanced nations, the buildings used for the expo also echo a green message. Look upwards and admire the solar panel and water condensing metal tree-like structures that are used to power the programme of events. As the world gathers, small actions are amplified to create a brighter future for the generations to come. The focus on eco-initiatives is a step in the right direction for the Dubai Expo 2020.