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For those looking for history, art, nature and gastronomy Burgos is the perfect place. The former capital of the Kingdom of Castilla and the obligatory passage of the Camino de Santiago, this city has become one of the most important commercial enclaves in Europe. The whole of this tour and splendor has left the city of Burgos into a profound impression that is reflected in its numerous monuments.

including the Cathedral, the Royal Huelgas and the Miraflores Cartuja. It also has Points of Interest declared World Heritage Sites and which are national and international renown: the way of Santiago and the Atapuerca archaeological sites.

What undoubtedly, each corner of this destination is a gastronomy marked by the richness of the products from the land that becomes one of the biggest claims for the most discerning palates.

The historic city of Burgos

The Barceló Hotel Group’s hotels in Burgos they are the perfect opportunity to discover this historic city full of corners, squares and streets with unique beauty. Burgos is a city that invites visitors to explore. If you travel to this city you will discover one of the Spanish gothic pieces works declared a World Heritage Site, the Burgos Cathedral. Meanwhile, the surrounding streets extend ancient streets which are home to a medieval past and interesting places of interest such as the squares of Las Llanas de Salida and of In-line, Plaza de Huerto del Rey or nearby Plaza Mayor.

Another attraction that any traveler must know in the city of Burgos is its Castle. Situated on San Miguel hill, this castle houses historic wonders and offers one of the most exclusive views of the city.

Nobody can leave this city without visiting two emblematic buildings: Royal Monastery of Santa Maria la Real de Las Huelgas and to the Miraflores Cartuja. Or striving for innovation and culture in places such as the Palacio de Congresos (Conference Centre) and the Museum of Human Evolution.

What to visit in the Burgos area

In addition to being enveloped by the magic of the Burgos historic quarter, the province is also home to amazing routes that will make visitors discover the banks of the river Duero, home of one of the most acclaimed Wine Origin Designations; or towns with architectural gems such as Lerma and Santo Domingo.

Its privileged location makes the city close to points of historic and natural interest: prehistoric dolmens, historical sites such as Vivar del Cid and the famous Atapuerca mountains.

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