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Barceló Solymar


8132 reviews

On the seafront of Varadero's best beach area
The comfort and ease of 2 hotels in 1
Excellent location close to the center of Varadero

Allegro Palma Real


3244 reviews

Privileged location in the center of Varadero
Access to one of Varadero's best beach areas
Excellent nightclub

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Most tourists traveling to Cuba choose to spend time enjoying the magnificent beaches of Varadero, located on the long and narrow Hicacos Peninsula. Some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in Cuba are located in this region, a stretch of more than 20 kilometers of white sand and crystal clear waters that laps the shore. Los Cuba hotels in Varadero there are many attractions, such as naturally shaped swimming pools that extend through the palm trees and lush gardens. These are tranquil getaways for travelers who need to disconnect from everyday stress and daily life, but these hotels can also be the beginning of a unique adventure in Cuba.

Explore History

In Cuba, there are nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a tribute to its rich history and vibrant culture. Just 150 kilometers from the Cuban resorts in Varadero, Old Havana tops the majority of the visits. It has gained recognition for the authenticity of its Spanish colonial architecture and by the fortification system that once protected its main industry: shipbuilding. A short walk around the city offers breathtaking views of the historic baroque and some neoclassical structures. Another slice of Cuban history circulates Old Havana: brightly colored old cars. These vehicles are the result of the 60-year trade embargo. As no new cars were imported from the U.S., old cars were preserved and now used to transport tourists around the streets of the capital. A visit to the Bellas Artes National Museum provides a fascinating insight into Cuba's history through its art. The exhibition starts with the first examples of indigenous art on the upper level and covers up to modern art, with examples of the turbulent era of the revolution. Visitors wanting to travel to the city of Trinidad will be rewarded with a journey back in time. To be precise, back to the 19th century. Horses navigate the cobbled streets, street vendors offer their produce and street musicians play guitars. This meticulously preserved city was built when the sugar plantations were flourished at the beginning of 1800. Rich owners filled their mansions with Italian paintings and French candelabras. The Escambray mountain range dominates the city of Trinidad. If we go onto the mountains we will get spectacular panoramic views.

Delightful Shopping

Cuban cigars are famous internationally, and US travelers can now buy up to a limit of 100 dollars and bring them back to their country. Ranking them by brand is a difficult task, but visitors can’t go wrong when choosing Cohiba, the preferred brand of Fidel Castro before he gave up smoking in 1977. Rum is another sought-after item, and guests at Cuban hotels in Varadero can try a wide variety of varieties at the nearby Rum Museum and buy a bottle of friends. Varadero Market is full of handmade leather goods, sculptures, paintings, textiles and jewelry. The friendly sellers will be ready to haggle and it is a great place to take in the local atmosphere while you find fun gifts to take home as a souvenir of a memorable holiday.