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The people of Malaga are experts to enjoy themselves, from the surprising art in its museums - among the best in Spain - to the activity of its fair and relaxing on the beaches. Barceló Hotels Resorts in Malaga make this their philosophy along with the city’s forward thinking mind set, offering guests unique and innovative experiences.

Discover the essence of Malaga

It is not only about the legacy of one of the oldest cities in Europe; or its own status as a land by artists such as Pablo Picasso; they are not only the sea and its cuisine; it is a and welcoming atmosphere that welcomes visitors with open arms and plans to suit all tastes.

Apart from the popular Roman Theatre, the cathedral, the Santiago church or the Sunazana market, there are many places to see photos, tapas stop and to the stage of cultural initiatives and concerts on which any Barceló Hotel guest & Resorts in Malaga will be well informed, so you don’t miss out on detail.

Feel like a local at Hotels in Malaga

Visiting the city and all its secrets is easy with a good host, ready to surprise and accommodate all the visitor’s needs. The ideal combination: walking trips, intense cultural activities and accommodation like Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Malaga where you can rest and savor the local cuisine.

If you are looking to relax by the sea, one of the favorite destinations is Marbella: the queen city of the Costa del Sol Malaga. There, Barceló Hotels in Malaga offers access to the coast's beautiful beaches, one of the best golf courses in the world and all the glamour of Golden Mile.

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