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Despite having a name that is difficult to pronounce, Brno is probably a city where you feel right at home. Despite the steps of World War II, this Czech city has become an important feast of its ashes a center of cultural activity capable of fascinating all travelers. Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Brno open the doors to guests attracted by the new reality in the Czech Republic.

Discover the magnificence of the Czech Republic

In 1927, the German architect Mies van der Rohe was entrusted with the charge of building Villa Tugendhat for Fritz and Grete Tugendhat’s family of textiles. Today this is a World Heritage Site; a genuine example of functionalist architecture after the restoration of 2010 and 2012. The skyline also stands out for Teatro Nacional and La Galeria Moravawhich will impress travelers with its converted industrial appearance.

The historic center of Brno

The old quarter of the city is characterized by the Spilberk CastleThe venue is home to the Gothic castle and two chapels; it is currently the center of the city museum. However, the most impressive part of Brno is without a doubt the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, which was first Romanesque and was rebuilt as Gothic, later becoming neo-gothic in the 19th and 20th centuries. The views from the tower are unforgettable.

A little further from the center is the Staré Brno Monastery, where Gregor Mendel studied and lived for many years and where he developed his genetic theories known as Mendel’s laws. After your visit, if you have a good time, you can try a Czech beer on the terrace of the Starobrno factory, the city’s largest brewery.

If something can be added to guests of Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Brno, it’s easy to enjoy a complete agenda that never forgets one of the city’s attractions. Revalue your trip by staying in one of our hotels in Brno.