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Located in the mountains, Guatemala City is a fascinating tourist destination with an urban center full of life. The Guatemala City is rich in historical places and close to impressive natural areas, such as the four volcanoes that cross its skyline. One of its main features is the diversity of its inhabitants. Travellers are fascinated by their linguistic richness, as they can listen to 21 different Mayan dialects in its streets and markets. Thanks to its improved transport system, the historic center of Guatemala is close to the hotels for the comfort of travelers and the inhabitants of the city. Modern metro stations link up with public buses that travel on reserved lanes. The fare is one quetzal, with a barely twelve cents. Taxis are usually available, but microbuses are by far the easiest way to travel around the metropolitan area and surrounding areas. The best hotels in Guatemala offer transport to and from the hotel in a private microbus, allowing a carefree visit.

Historic Sites in Guatemala City

Exploring the fascinating historic center starts with The Metropolitan Cathedral, an imposing Neoclassical Cathedral which has resided several earthquakes. Its structure is simple compared to the ornately decorated altars. The 12 pillars of the entrance bear the names of those disappeared in the Civil War, in memory of the declines of a conflict that lasted 36 years, between 1960 and 1996. Next door is the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura, which once hosted the government offices and now is a museum. Completed in 1943, this majestic building is A mixture of architectural styles ranging from Spanish colonial to neoclassical. A two-ton gold and glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling of the reception hall, and a mural by Alberto Gálvez Suárez depicts Guatemala history adorns the main stairway. After contemplating the country's history, visitors can come back to the present with a walk along the remodeled Sixth Street pedestrian street, where they will find local handicrafts such as pottery, textiles, leather goods and baskets in the Central Market.

Mayan History

The city houses several locations related to Mayan culture. One of the best is the Ixchel Museum of the Indigenous near the best hotels in Guatemala City. The museum has examples of indigenous textiles and images that show scenes of everyday life. Mannequins dresses with the brilliant colors of traditional clothing make textiles come to life in some truly interesting exposition. Another place of Mayan heritage lies a little further afield, in the outskirts of the city. In the Kaminaljuyú Archaeological Park tourists can explore the remains of an ancient city. Most of the ruins are now covered by urban development, which says a lot about the complex history of Guatemala City.

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