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The idyllic Parque del Príncipe in Cáceres

Parque del Príncipe is just a stone’s throw away from the Old Town of Cáceres and is one of the city’s top attractions along with Plaza Mayor. City dwellers head to this verdant space to do sport, meet up with friends and escape summer’s sweltering clutches.

Depending on the time of day and year, you’ll run into different crowds. Mornings and evenings are busy with joggers, while weekday middays offer a haven of tranquillity, and afternoons and weekends are filled with the gleeful sounds of families. During the summertime, the park breathes a different energy as people stay out longer to enjoy the sun’s lingering warmth. Come winter, the cooler, shorter days send people packing much earlier.

The park is a great destination no matter when you are in Cáceres. Come take a break from the sights and enjoy a leisurely stroll. If you need something more high-energy, pay a visit to the outdoor or indoor municipal sports facilities, or the private wellness centre Círculo de la Concordia.

The park also boasts an idyllic eatery La Terraza del Príncipe, located at the upper part of the park. Come enjoy a drink or meal as you take in the incredible views of the cityscape.



El Parque del Príncipe

The 22-hectare park is located right in the city centre, just a few blocks away from Barceló Cáceres V Centenario Hotel. It harbours more than 500 different plant species and hundreds of bird species. How many can you spot?

This wonderful natural enclave comprises fountains, grassy meadows and even a stepped water channel.

Stop by the small botanical garden located right after the main park entrance. It offers a verdant explosion of indigenous and tropical plant species.

There is also an open-air auditorium and sport facilities, including a municipal pool and outdoor multi-sport courts.

Parque del príncipe Cáceres

Parque del príncipe Cáceres. (Imagen cedida por Ayuntamiento de Cáceres)

The park recently opened an additional 8 hectares of playgrounds, picnic areas, even a cherry tree grove and a rock-climbing wall!

The park pool

The park has two municipal pools which makes it even more enticing come summertime. The pools are open from mid-June to early September and offer superb facilities.

There’s no better place in Cáceres to go for a dip or lounge under the canopy of trees.

If hunger sets in while at the pool, head to the café-restaurant and grab a table on it lovely terrace. The park also has an interesting programme of recreational activities for children and adults at a reasonable price.

The park terrace

La Terraza del Príncipe (access via Calle José Luis Cotallo) is a popular destination among locals both during summer and winter months. Come take in the sweeping views of the park from the terrace or from the comfort of its dining room as you sip a drink and enjoy some generous portions of traditional Spanish dishes. This includes migas extremeñas and cocido.There are also more creative dishes on the menu such as beef carpaccio or chicken and mango rolls.

This lively establishment can be enjoyed during the daytime and evenings. Locals flock here on the weekends to socialise with friends and family over drinks and cocktails. Come enjoy the sparkling city lights from the terrace as after a day of sightseeing. Best to check if it’s open before heading up, the restaurant sometimes closes for private events.

The park’s outdoor sculpture museum

The park houses a curious outdoor sculpture museum. These contemporary works of art were designed according to the 20th-century Spanish figurative and the abstract schools of art. They were placed around the pond according to the artistic direction of the prominent Spanish artist Pepe Noja. The museum was inaugurated in 1997 and the exhibition is free for everyone to enjoy.


Information of interest

How to get to Parque del Príncipe:

  • By car: The park is bounded by Avenida de Hernán Cortés and Avenida de Rodríguez de Ledesma. It flanks Ruta de la Plata, the main road used to access the city via the motorway A-66.
  • By foot: Take a pleasant 20-minute walk to the 1.5 km that separate Plaza Mayor from the park.

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