Blue Monday travel - How to brighten your January with travel

Feeling the winter blues? You are not alone. Escape the saddest day of the year and schedule some blue Monday travel into your calendar this year.

Now that the festive season has passed and we are now deep into the Winter months it is easy to feel like it is a long stretch until we see a glimpse of sunshine again. With no major celebrations until Easter, the guilt of Christmas overspend creeping in and the biting chill of frosty temperatures freezing us to the bone,  January is not the happiest of months. In 2005, Psychologist Cliff Arnall discovered a mathematical formula that combines debt levels, climate, and the time since Christmas day and discovered that the third Monday in January is in fact, the most miserable day of the year. Whether you believe in this interesting theory or you simply rule it out as a mere suggestion, this day has a name and it is aptly called Blue Monday. Why not beat the blues and make some blue Monday travel plans?

Start daydreaming about Blue Monday travel

2020 certainly provided us with a wealth of surprises and travel disruptions - there was never a dull moment and 2021 brings us a revolutionized travel landscape to enjoy. With so many destinations slowly reopening and returning to a new normality, this is one major reason to banish those Winter blues. Continental Europe may be blanketed in a dusting of snow but there are so many destinations such as the Caribbean, Canary Islands, and Dubai that offer welcoming climates, colorful cultures, and a true ‘step off the world’ vacation feeling. Discover our top things to do in these tropical destinations and enjoy the best vacation for depression and winter sun.

Discover Blue Monday travel deals to the Riviera Maya

The 93-mile stretch of paperwhite sand beaches and crystal clear waters are the jewels in the crown of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. And, if the beauty of this Caribbean paradise isn’t enough to banish the sad Winter depression, the Riviera Maya enjoys over 300 days of sunlight a year, enough to brighten up any gloomy January day. Enjoy hours of uninterrupted sunbathing on world-class beaches, before heading off for a tropical adventure to Xcaret eco-archaeological park, a magical nature park where you can swim in underground rivers, take selfies with the exotic local wildlife and learn about the ancient traditions and heritage of this Mayan region of Mexico. The best Mayan ruins can be found venturing out of the tourist resorts, the most famous being Chichen Itza, an impressive Mayan pyramid, beautifully preserved for all to admire today. Be sure to get there early to avoid crowds during the blue Monday travel season.

Celebrate the saddest day of the year in Punta Cana

The carefree breezy Caribbean charm can be felt across the shores in the colonial paradise of Punta Cana, the home of rum. Let the palm tree-lined streets, pristine beaches, and the laid-back energy of this place transport your weary, tired soul to a state of pure relaxation to banish those seasonal blues. Punta Cana offers some of the best all-inclusive blue Monday travel deals in Latin America and is one of the most coveted resorts in the Dominican Republic for holidaymakers wanting a taste of Caribbean luxury. If you fancy flexing your golfing muscles, there are plenty of courses to choose from across the island or if sightseeing is more your thing, don’t miss a trip to Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the Americas.  For nature lovers, a trip to Saona Island is a must to discover the protected nature reserve full of brightly colored starfish and turtles.

No more Blue Mondays in the Canary Islands

Europe also shares a slice of the Caribbean lifestyle thanks to the Spanish Canary Islands located off the shore of Africa. Thanks to their strategic placement, these islands offer eternal springlike temperatures which makes them a tantalizing option for beating the winter blues with blue Monday travel. There are seven islands to choose from for blue Monday travel, every one offering its unique flavor of island living. From the windswept lunar landscapes of Lanzarote, the endless beaches of Fuerteventura, or the cosmopolitan high life of Tenerife and Gran Canaria - the Canary Islands have left their 18-30 reputation and are now a bohemian enclave for slow travel.

Say no to Winter blues depression in Tenerife

Tenerife is perhaps the most popular island for tourism in the Canary Islands and it is no surprise as there is so much to see and do on this tiny outcrop of land. It is worth noting that the island is divided in two with the north and the south being two very separate entities, each providing its agenda of fun. For those in search of the beach and luxury all-inclusive escapes, the sun-drenched coastline of the south is an unmissable place to enjoy the best winter depression treatment. The mountainous north is home to the island’s capital, Santa Cruz, as well as some of the most breathtaking routes on the island. Of course, no Tenerife holiday is complete without a visit to the highest point in Spain, the El Teide volcano - a perfect spot for stargazing!

Blue Monday discounts on holidays in Lanzarote

Lanzarote may appear to be a lunar landscape at first glance but it is the perfect location to soak up some winter blues light therapy on one of the wild beaches on the island. As the name suggests, the white sand beach of Playa Blanca is an idyllic escape for sun worshipers but for those craving an adrenaline rush, the surfer’s paradise of Famara beach offers an invigorating way to wash away the cobwebs and feel refreshed for the year ahead. Lanzarote also is famous for producing delicious wine from vines grown in the La Geria region as well as being an important producer of Aloe Vera.

Feeling the winter blues in Dubai

With scorching temperatures, some of the best shopping in the world, and tantalizing luxury at your fingertips, it is hard to think of reasons to feel sad when enjoying everything Dubai has to offer. Perfect for families or a romantic long weekend, this Arabian island is a dazzling array of elaborate splendor, ideal for blue Monday travel. Let all your worries slip away while lounging on the golden beaches or let go of your fears at Ski Dubai, an exhilarating snow sports center in the middle of the desert.  There is no better formula for banishing the cold winter blues than traveling with loved ones and indulging in some sunshine.