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Discover the benefits of Caribbean golf holidays all inclusive travel

The Caribbean is not all crystal-clear waters and paperwhite beaches. It is also home to wild jungles, luscious rainforests, and colorful cities teeming with life. From the sun-drenched beaches of Mexico to the glittering lights of Punta Cana, the Caribbean is a golfer’s paradise. While it seems like the perfect location for the intrepid traveler, the Caribbean is also famous for hosting some of the world’s most popular golf courses. As well as golf, the Caribbean boasts incredible food, unmissable snorkeling experiences, and some of the best luxury spas in the world. Be sure to sample some of the local cuisines or even learn some Spanish to get a glimpse of local life. Or, if you are looking for an active getaway in the sun, read on to discover the Caribbean golf destinations that make up our hot-list. The premium range of courses to visit will certainly not disappoint.

Why choose Caribbean golf destinations for your next vacation?

The Caribbean’s proximity to the USA makes it an ideal getaway for those in search of warmer climes. In addition to the proximity to the USA, avid golfers traveling to the Caribbean will be able to enjoy delicious cuisine, wall-to-wall sunshine, and idyllic settings to rest and relax. Not to mention, Caribbean golf courses offer everything you need for a real challenge or a nice, relaxing vacation game. There is something for every golfer to enjoy in the Caribbean, regardless of skill and budget. It is easy to see why dozens flock to the Caribbean each year. With picturesque, tropical views and splendid sunshine, playing golf has never felt more luxurious. Whether you decided to spend a week perfecting your golfing tactics or you want a weekend escape, discover the top Caribbean golf destinations around. For the best weather, visit the Caribbean during the winter months to avoid the hurricane and rain seasons.

Caribbean golf vacations allow you to enjoy island life while staying active

Discover the best Dominican Republic golf resorts

Quite possibly the golf Mecca of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic offers world-class resorts with their own golf courses. The top golf courses in Dominican Republic are all centered around the award-winning The Lakes golf course Punta Cana. From daydream-worthy settings for golfing matches to unmissable luxury facilities just a stone’s throw away from the course, these golf hotels are a must-visit for fans of the sport. The resorts of Punta Cana provide ocean views and entertaining routes for all levels. Many of the 18-hole best golf courses in Punta Cana offer the perfect golfing challenge thanks to tough doglegs, dry hurdles and not to mention the strong trade winds that affect the island. What also makes this part of the world a must-visit are the Punta Cana golf prices. So, don’t just daydream, travel to the Dominican Republic for a golf break, or even enjoy a tropical family getaway.

Travel to a Punta Cana golf club while exploring the Dominican Republic

Stay at the best Caribbean luxury golf resorts in Mexico

On a par with the Dominican Republic for unforgettable Caribbean golf destinations, Mexico offers outstanding Caribbean golf holidays for all budgets and abilities. Some even argue that the best golf in Caribbean countries is found in Mexico. From coast to coast, golf courses are dotted between sleepy colonial towns and built-up, luxury hotels, each one with a different golfing challenge to try. The warm temperate climate of Mexico makes it a top golf destination for a quick weekend getaway. Head to the south-east coast to the resorts of Playa del Carmen, Cancún, and Cozumel for a dose of pure relaxation. The Bohemian beaches, mouth-watering local food, and luxurious golf courses make the Riviera Maya hard to resist. Don’t forget to visit the Mayan ruins to discover the ancient history of Mexico and be sure to avoid the Spring break season when the area is flooded with tourists and the beaches get overcrowded.

The best golf courses in the Caribbean can mainly be found in Punta Cana

Best golf courses in the Caribbean - Aruba

For a real island getaway experience, head to the shores of the Dutch-owned Aruba. This Caribbean paradise feels like a real-life computer screensaver thanks to the endless expanse of snow-white sand and topaz waters. Aruba also offers golf vacation packages Caribbean style, mixing challenging golf courses with relaxing beach days. Caribbean golf vacations in Aruba offer the perfect balance between work and play. Try your hand at scoring the perfect hole-in-one as you travel your way around the island’s golf courses. Then, rest tired muscles and relax in the luxurious hotels that overlook the beaches. Palm Beach is one of the most popular beach resorts in Aruba, and it is here that you can experience the hedonistic fun of the island. While in Aruba, don’t miss out on the world-class snorkeling in the crystal clear waters which offer a kaleidoscopic view of the colorful sea life that inhabits the ocean.

The best all inclusive resorts with golf and casino in the Bahamas

Discover the tropical beauty of the Bahamas and take your pick of the idyllic islands that are home to some of the best all-inclusive golf resorts in Caribbean. If you have experienced the luxury of a golf hotel in Punta Cana, then the Bahamas is a must-visit. It is rare to find a destination that is so well located but still maintains a feeling of seclusion. But, the Bahamas offers a real step-off-the-world experience while being just a short plane journey from Miami. From world-class golf to personalized massages and thrilling casinos, every day is a good day when vacationing in paradise. For those that seek seclusion, head to Stocking Island, the lesser-known island in the Bahamas. Or, for the best golf adventures look to the island of New Providence for your chance to test your skills. It is the largest island and a must-see destination when visiting the Bahamas.