Journey through Mexico for a taste of local life

Travelling to Mexico? Journey through Mexico and discover the best things to do in Riviera Maya as well as stay at the safest places in Mexico.

There is a whole world to be discovered in the sun drenched heartland of Mexico. From Caribbean coastlines to echoes of ancient civilizations, life south of the border is a colorful explosion of vibrant cities, delicious food and rich culture. Journey through Mexico and discover the best things to do in Riviera Maya, as well as uncover lesser known Mexico tourist attractions.

Journey through Mexico - The grand road trip

The best way to explore Mexico is by road, either in a car or using the national bus routes. Thanks to the great transport network you can plan your journey from any major city in the country as most US airports fly to the safest places in Mexico. A great option for your journey through Mexico is to focus on a specific region, such as Yucatán where you can find thousands of Mexico attractions within a stone’s throw of each other, each one as Instagramable as the next.

Cool places in Mexico - Ixtapa

On the west coast of Mexico lies a bohemian enclave boasting kilometers of white sand beaches that hug the Pacific ocean. Ixtapa is a Mexican tourist resort developed in the 1970s alongside Cancún in Quintana Roo. The main attraction is the vast El Palmar beach which provides the most ideal spot for bathing in the endless sun while sipping on tropical cocktails. Ixtapa is also a one of the top places to visit in Mexico for those on a golfing journey through Mexico as it is home to two major golf courses, the Palma Real Golf Course and the Marina Ixtapa Golf Course. Of course, no trip to this idyllic Pacific hideaway is complete without visiting the wealth of authentic Mexican eateries offering the fresh catch of the day alongside tasty tacos and tropical fruit juices.

Riviera Maya - One of the most beautiful places in Mexico

Located in the furthermost point of Mexico on the eastern coast, Riviera Maya is high on the list of safest places to visit in Mexico. It is also a great starting point for those wanting to journey through Mexico as the region is bursting with interesting cultural and adventure fueled things to do. Dive into the sparkling cenotes, the secret underwater pools used by the Mayans, and explore an underwater world that dazzles with beauty. If you are feeling intrepid then exploring the sacred ruins is a must. Many of the ruins are set in rural locations which lend themselves perfectly for a spot of hiking while others form mini villages that are just waiting to be explored.

Famous places in Mexico to visit while in Riviera Maya

This much-loved corner of Mexico offers so much more than the typical sun, sea and sun lounger holiday often enjoyed in other resort towns. Riviera Maya offers an abundance of historic landmarks to explore, a delicious gastronomic scene and a laid-back glamour that attracts locals and tourists year upon year who journey through Mexico to the coast. Riviera Maya holds a magic that is hard to find in other popular Mexico destinations. Some of our favorite things to do are:

  • Swim in the underwater caverns of Cenote Santa Cruz
  • Get up close to local wildlife at the Xcaret wildlife park
  • Marvel at the ancient wonder of Chichen Itza
  • Rest on the bohemian beaches of Tulum

Best Mexico destinations for families - Cancún

Mexico is a wonderful country to enjoy as a family. The Mexican culture is so family orientated that it is easy to discover endless attractions that cater to children of all ages on your journey through Mexico. While holidays with kids are never as relaxing as they are planned to be, Cancún hosts a wealth of family friendly hotels where parents can rest and relax in luxury spas while the children play at kids club activities. It is worth noting that Cancún is the capital of ‘Spring Break’ and during the months of March and April the college kids flood to the Mexican coast for a taste of the vida loca. Any other time of the year however this seaside resort offers the best of Mexico and is perfect for a romantic getaway or a fun filled family vacation.

Visiting Mexico - Top things to do in Cancún

A journey through Mexico is not complete without a pit stop in Cancún. This highly coveted seaside town is of the most unique places to visit in Mexico thanks to the influx of international tourism. Despite the coastline being dominated by huge luxury hotels, the town still manages to maintain it’s Mexican charm making it a must see - even if only for a few nights. Our favorite things to do in Cancún are:

  • Sunbathe the day away on Playa Delfines beach
  • Discover coral reefs and shipwrecks on a snorkeling tour
  • Hit the shops as La Isla shopping village
  • Study ancient ruins at Zona Arqueologica El Rey

Things to remember when travelling to Mexico

On your journey through Mexico it is important to remember to enjoy your stay. It may sound obvious but it is easy to focus on the headlines that come out of the dangerous places in Mexico and as a tourist, it is highly unlikely that you will find yourself in those neighborhoods. Make sure to take the necessary safety precautions but do be sure to escape the confines of the resorts to discover the amazing street food, incredible wildlife and mesmerizing historical treasures that this country has to offer. Always carry back up USD but remember to pay in Pesos to really get a good price for what you buy. Don’t get caught out when using the bathrooms - M is for women in Mexico as it stands for Mujer, the Spanish for woman. It may be a bit of a culture shock from life in the US but when given a chance, Mexico is an enchanting paradise that welcomes travelers with open arms.