Be inspired this World Tourism Day by these top travel destinations for 2021

Dust Off Your Passport, It's World Tourism Day! From Dubai to the Canary Islands, discover the top travel destinations for 2020

We all know that travel is a truly inspiring and fulfilling experience and only when it is taken away from us can we really appreciate its real worth. This year, World Tourism Day takes on a new meaning as we celebrate the return of such a treasured pastime. As countries slowly begin to open up their borders it is time to reflect on just how much travel means to us and the importance of keeping tourism alive. Be inspired by our top travel destinations for 2021 and get planning your next adventure now.

What is World Tourism Day?

World Tourism Day was created by the United Nations World Tourism Organization to promote the importance of travel and support sustainable growth in the tourism sector. Each year, the tourism day is given a theme and across the world a series of tourism day activities such as talks, webinars or video premieres are planned all in an attempt to promote the positive side of world tourism.

Celebrate World Tourism Day 2020!

This year, World Tourism Day falls on Monday 28th September with the theme of ‘Tourism and Rural Development’. This tourism day theme aims to promote the positive impact that tourism has on boosting economies outside of cities, allowing rural areas to thrive and adapt to modern life. World Tourism Day 2020 is a day to celebrate the importance of preserving and promoting culture and heritage from around the world.

Discover the World of Tourism in Dubai

One of the top travel destinations in 2021 is the Arabian oasis of Dubai. Known as being an adventure playground for the rich and elite, this island in the United Arab Emirates offers a holiday of pure luxury and relaxation. Dubai Marina offers some of the best luxury shopping experiences in Dubai as well as being considered one of the more laid back neighbourhoods in the area. Be sure to visit the big shopping mall while you are there or have a coffee in style in one of the many Insta-worthy cafés. Don’t miss out on another photo opportunity with the Dubai Frame, the world’s biggest photo frame measuring a whopping 150m in height. This golden gilt masterpiece frames the city and provides a wow-factor view for all who visit. Of course, no trip to Dubai is complete without a trip to the beach and in true Dubai fashion, even the beach is luxurious. Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk is a 1.7km boardwalk that frames the golden Jumeirah beach and it is the place to be seen if you fancy taking an evening stroll or simply want to show off your beach attire. But, in keeping with the theme of world tourism day discover real Bedouin culture with a journey into the desert to see the stars.

Celebrate World Travel Day in the Canary Islands

If jet setting off to Dubai is not on the cards for you, why not celebrate tourism day by planning a trip to Europe’s own desert landscape, the Canary Islands. Located off the coast of Western Sahara, these islands provide a climate of all-year-round springtime making them an appealing destination for a tourism day celebration any time of the year. Tenerife and Lanzarote are two of the seven Canary Islands and each one provides a unique island experience.  Discover the moon-like landscapes of Lanzarote as you walk through the rich fertile black volcanic landscapes which lend themselves perfectly to growing anything from grapevines to aloe vera. Or take to the dizzying heights of Tenerife’s El Teide volcano, Spain’s highest peak which offers world-class hiking routes during the day and one of the best skies for stargazing in the world by night. Don’t forget to taste the delicious Canarian local cuisine and stock up on local handicrafts in one of the many artisan markets.

International World Tourism Day in Africa

Just a short plane ride across the sea from the Canary Islands lies the tantalizing sun-drenched African continent. A popular destination for bohemians, lose yourself in the heady delights of a Morrocan street market or marvel at Tunisia’s whitewashed towns and villages. These two countries offer a world of breathtaking colours, lively people and a chance to experience an ancient and wise culture. Head to Marrakech, the capital of Morocco and indulge your senses in the dizzying array of sights and sounds. Don’t miss the Yves Saint Laurent house and museum which offers a glimpse at the fashion designer’s hidden life in Morocco as well as the chance to float around the beautifully kept gardens. Hit the markets for a spot of shopping local handicrafts, (in keeping with the World Tourism Day theme)  before resting tired feet in one of the many rooftop cafés for a local delicacy of mint tea.

Venturing further afield, Tunisia is a cosmopolitan haven in the Northern African desert landscape. The city of Sousse is a must-visit for those in search of all-year-round sunshine. Golden sand beaches are backed by olive groves giving this city a very Mediterranean feel. It is also one of the more modern cities in Tunisia offering a varied nightlife scene filled with nightclubs, bars and restaurants catering to western tastes as well as providing a tasty array of local cuisine.

Happy Tourism Day from Malaga

The south of Spain has always been a top travel location for those in search of winter sun and with only a short flight from the UK, it makes it a great destination for World Tourism Day.  Enjoy the city’s buzzing art scene, take a stroll along the golden sand of the city’s beach or step back in time with a visit to the towering cathedral. Malaga is home to some iconic attractions that are a must-see such as the Picasso museum and the Alcazaba, an old Moorish palace with sea views.  Once you have feasted your senses on the vast cultural offering in Malaga, be sure to visit one of the traditional eateries to sample some authentic tapas and a glass of sherry - a local delicacy. Once you scratch the surface of this Andalusian city, you will discover a world packed with colour and life.

As you can see, no longer do you have to keep the World Tourism Day celebration in school,  there are many ways to celebrate World Tourism Day. Which destination will you choose next?