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New protocols and reinforcement measures that comply with the recommendations of the WHO.



Frequently Asked Questions

We provide answers to any questions you may have regarding your bookings or hotel safety.

Our commitment: that you’ll enjoy your stay with peace of mind

We Care About You, the Barceló Hotel Group's health and safety concept.

A seal of approval that represents and guarantees all our experience and research in safety, health, and hygiene has been adapted to the new situation.

A program with new protocols and reinforcement measures that complies with the recommendations of the WHO, international organizations such as the WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council), as well as governmental institutions in each of the countries we operate in.

Get ready to return home

Before returning home, remember that some destinations require documentation of a negative COVID test. For this reason, in collaboration with local laboratories, we offer the possibility of taking a COVID test in our hotels.


Your COVID test at the hotel

Ask for your COVID test at the hotel reception desk before 11 am. Depending on the partner center being used, they will either provide you with a test kit or the health staff will come to your hotel.


Receive your certificate

Once the test is completed you will receive an email or SMS within 24 hours which contains your test results and the required certificate to return home without restrictions. You will need to download it and present it during your trip home.


Collaboration centers in our hotels

- Eurofins/Megalab: Available in the hotels located on the Spanish mainland.

Price: PCR $85

- CIM20 Laboratory: Available at Occidental Playa de Palma

Price: PCR €60

- Medical Center Heramed Royal Beach Hotel

Price: PCR 46€ / Antigens 25€

- Cihangirlab Test Center Hotel Barceló Istanbul and Occidental Taksim

Price: PCR 25€


10 Junio 2020; Hotel Barcelo, Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana; Reportaje medidas de seguridad contra el civid 19

This is how we ensure a safe experience in our hotels.

Shoes and luggage disinfection

Hand sanitizing stations

Social distancing and directional signs

Digital check-in & check-out*

(*) Only in hotels with available technology

COVID testing service at the reception of our hotels


Reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection protocols

Increased hours of natural ventilation.

Digital communication via the Barceló app.

Reduction of stationery material and signs

Reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection protocols

Supplementary textiles sealed (blanket, duvet)

Sealed remote control for TV and air conditioning.

With each new customer, the minibar is emptied and disinfected

Exclusive set of cleaning materials for each room.


Gastronomy service adapted to the guest and with additional safety measures.

Hand sanitizing stations

Signs are in place to direct the flow of guests

In the buffet service, we promote showcooking

Additional partitioning and sneeze guards in all areas of the buffet.

Compulsory to wear a mask at all times, except at the table

Continuous supervision of measures.

Flexible service options: Room service, Grab & go.

Control of room capacity.

Signage in check-in and check-out areas.

Protocol for seating arrangements.


Readjustment of capacity limits according to guidelines.

Adaptation of room layout.

Monitoring of incoming and outgoing guests, as well as between guests attending other events.

Redistribution of seating according to social distancing guidelines.

Planning of coffee breaks, lunches and dinners.


Safety signage.

Adaptation of the rest area, reception, and stall setups.

Digital menu.

Hand sanitizer stations.

Adapting processing menu to current regulations, for their safety

Adapting processing menu to current regulations, for their safety


Adaptation of the activity programs based on the latest guidelines, all done for your safety.

Management of capacity limits. 

Booking of activities via App.

Safety signs.

Cleaning and disinfection of areas and equipment between uses.

Air purification and natural ventilation.

Mandatory use of mask.

Hand sanitizer stations.

Capacity management and pre-booking via the Barceló app.


We Care About You 65+

All of the We Care About You safety measures, plus:


Monitoring and personalized service from the hotel staff.


Priority in the allocation of rooms which offer easy access and are close to the main services of the hotel.




  • Availability of healthy food options.
  • Priority in the allocation of tables with easy access and better natural ventilation.

Adapted entertainment program which prioritizes activities in outdoor areas, small groups and avoids the exchange of materials: digital Bingo, contests through screens, cooking workshops and much more.



What health and safety measures are being taken in hotels?

We have launched a new concept called We Care About You. This project applies measures that establish a safe working environment for our employees and partners, while also offering an experience that meets the current needs of our guests without forgetting the main goal: making them feel great and enjoying our hotel experience. If you want to know more about our program, please consult our health and safety measures.

What are the requirements for mask use in Spain?

The health authorities have determined that the use of masks should be used at all times. At present, the general recommendations in Spain stipulate that the use of masks for individuals over 6 years of age is mandatory in closed public use areas.


The wearing of a mask is also compulsory in public transport such as planes, boats, and trains, while their use in private vehicles is not required as long as the occupants live under the same roof.


The following exceptions have been established: people with disabilities or respiratory diseases, as well as when practicing sports or when consuming food and drinks.


Both the measures and the exceptions may vary depending on each autonomous community. We recommend that you check the situation in each community before your trip and always carry a mask on your person in case it is required during your stay.

Do I need a COVID test to travel to my destination?

Check the health and safety regulations for travel to your destination here.

Do I have to wear a mask in the hotels?

Depending on the changing restrictions in each country, it may be necessary to use a mask. Upon arrival at the hotel, you will be given all necessary instructions.