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Surfing in Almeria: ride the perfect waves

Traditionally, the Mediterranean coast hasn’t been popular with surfers, but this all changed when, a couple of decades ago, a group of surfers decided to try out some of the short and fast waves found at Barcelona’s beaches. Since then, word has been spread to mark out the best spots on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Though still unknown to most, the Almerian coast stands out as one of the finest spots for surfing. 

A large part of the 200 kilometre-long coast has a volcanic seabed which makes for the formation of clean and sustained tubes. These surfing conditions go hand in hand with the sheer splendour of these uncrowded beaches, surprising any surfer who comes upon them.  

Below we will show you some of the best sites in Almeria for surfing and recommend a number of surf centres in the area for both beginners and those looking to improve their technique. Moreover we will tell you about some of the other water sports that Almeria has on offer like, kitesurfing and paddle boarding.  

The best surfing spots in Almeria

Almeria has two clearly defined areas that are great for surfing: the eastern zone, between Mojácar and the isthmus of Cabo de Gata and the western zone, which covers the rest of the coast, with the areas close to Ejido and the urban beaches of Almeria being especially noteworthy. 



The little-known paradise of waves in Almeria: Cabo de Gata

The Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park has some of the best waves on the Almerian coast, especially the outstanding beaches of Mojácar. In ideal conditions, with an easterly and strong swell, the waves can reach up to 2 metres in height, with surging breakers and tubes from both right and left. These waves are great fun and completely justify the increased interest in the location by the locals. 

Surf en Almería

Surf in Almeria

Still in the park, and close to San José, you’ll come across another site that is considered one of the best surfing destinations in Andalusia; the well-known Genoveses beach. With its high cliffs and sandy seabed, its easterly winds and paradisiacal setting, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful places to surf in all Spain.  

Other notable locations in the park are the beach of the village of San José, the beaches of la Puntica and el Rayo, in Carboneras and, the 5 km stretch between the village of Cabo de Gata and its lighthouse called, las Salinas beach. This beach, in particular, generates some exciting waves that are apt for all levels of surfers. 

The City of Almeria, El Ejido and other beaches in the western zone

In this part of the province, although surfers can have a good time with easterly winds, it isn’t until there are westerly gusts that riders will truly enjoy themselves. 

The city of Almeria has two prominent areas to surf; Zapillo and Punta del Rio. Zapillo is a 2 kilometre-long urban beach with a sandy seabed. It is commonplace to see all kinds of surfers trying to dominate its waves. Punta del Rio is found at the mouth of the river Andarax. When the conditions are right, with a strong westerly wind, it’s possible to have large waves that are perfect for riding.  

In the area around El Ejido, there are a number of locations that are popular with the local surfing community. The sandy bottomed beach at Almerimar´s marina becomes a playground for surfers, with waves from both the left and right, when its westerly wind blows. You’ll definitely have fun, no matter how much experience you have as a surfer. 

For more seasoned surfers, the area of Los Baños de Guardias Viejas has such a prized beach. With a rocky seabed, the westerly swell generates large right-hand waves, which are perfect for experienced riders. 

Escuela de surf en Almería

You will be able to learn surfing

Surfing, sailing and other water sport centres in the province of Almeria

Little by little, the number of surfing schools and water sport centres has proliferated on the Almerian coast. The majority of them are to be found in the area of El Ejido and the city of Almeria. Close to the marina in Almerimar, you’ll find the Victor Fernandez Centre. This windsurfing club opened in 2012 and today it offers, in addition to windsurfing, training in both surfing and paddle boarding. Moving up the coast towards Almeria, in Roquetas de Mar, you’ll discover the Blue Surf Centre. This centre offers day trips around the area in its catamaran, kayak hire, kitesurfing and, of course, surfing. Both centres have very competitive prices. 

To the east of Almeria, in the village of Cabo de Gata, you’ll come across the Cabo de Gata Adventures Surf centre. Across the isthmus, in Carboneras, there is La Casa Surf Centre. For those experimental surfers who want to perfect their techniques then this is the place for you. Further up the coast, you’ll get to Mojácar, which is home to the Vela Candalix Beach Surf School. A number of courses are on offer, here, including beginners classes for children. 

Kitesurfing, windsurfing and paddle boarding in Almería

The prime conditions along the Almerian coast, with its easterly and westerly winds, have made it a popular destination for other water sports, especially windsurfing and kitesurfing. Many of the locations, mentioned above, that are popular with surfers are also key sites for kite surfers. This is particularly true of the area by the Blue Sea Windsurfing & Kite Club, near Guardias Viejas, which has been a key-player in the promotion of the sport in the province.  

Moving east, the town of Roquetas de Mar has also been a popular location for kite surfers for a number of years. Its proximity to the city of Almeria means that many of keen kite surfers move from the capital to Roquetas. This is especially true when an easterly wind blows, and Zapillo beach becomes the ideal location to get your kite in the air and start riding the waves. If you want to learn how to kite surf then the Youth Time surf schools are dedicated to training people how to enjoy this sport. They have two centres in the province, one in Roquetas and the other in the city of Almeria. 

Surf en Almería

Kitesurf rules also over the almerian coast

Aside from surfing and kitesurfing, every year, paddle boarding and kayaking are becoming increasingly popular along the Almerian coast. Most coastal villages, especially in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, have seen shops pop up that hire all the equipment you need to enjoy these activities in this breath-taking landscape. 

Information of interest

To make sure you are prepared for a day of water sports or surfing at one of Almeria’s beaches, we recommend you visit the Visor de playas de Andalucía de la Junta de Andalucía which contains information about the meteorological conditions at the beaches.

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