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Cova d’en Xoroi: the best views of the sunset in Minorca

Magical during the day, beautiful during the evening and charming and soulful when the night falls. You can visit the Cova d’en Xoroi at any time of day, with each new visit generating different sensations. This venue is set in a spectacular setting, in the upper section of a 30-metre high cliff face in Cala en Porter on the south coast of Minorca. Nowadays, during the day, it is primarily used for its terrace with a magnificent viewpoint. When the night falls, however, it becomes a trendy Minorcan nightlife spot, popular for its live music concerts.

Legends of the Cova d’en Xoroi

Legend says that, many years ago, a “man with no past” reached this Minorcan town in search of refuge and stayed in the cave. Nobody knew him, and only a few people managed to catch sight of him. A few weeks after his arrival, a young lady who lived in one of the houses close to the cave disappeared. Nobody could find her anywhere. Following her disappearance, rumours spread and fear took over the island.

Years later, however, after a heavy snowfall in Xoroi, a set of footprints were found that led to the cave. When the villagers entered the cave, they found a couple with three children who had been living there for several years. She was the woman who had disappeared, and her partner was the unknown man with no past. The man, overcome with fear, jumped off the cliff along with his oldest son, never to be heard from again. The woman spent the rest of her days in Alaior, another Minorcan town, with her two other children.



The best time to visit the cave

Visitors are often intrigued by its legend shrouded in mystery, wanting to explore it for themselves. They can enter the cave at different times of day, depending on the plan, the company and the most appropriate option for each individual:

  • During the day: Visitors will be greeted with a beautiful terrace with balconies and viewpoints looking out to sea, perfect for sipping on a delicious drink as they soak up the marvellous views. The ticket allows entrance to the cave from 11:30 AM onwards.
  • Evening: This is probably the busiest time of day, as the views of the sun going down are a real treat. There are various ticket types for visitors of different ages, each including a free drink.
  • Night time: The cave becomes a trendy live music venue, often holding jazz concerts. The venue hosts concerts by different artists every day before turning into a nightclub, where visitors can enjoy a unique night in a truly spectacular setting.

The Cova d’en Xoroi from out at sea

Aerial view of Cova d’en Xoroi

Without a doubt, one of the island’s most highly recommended activities is to visit its various idyllic enclaves from a boat, with many different trips and routes on offer. One of the most scenic boat trips sails past the Cala de Sant Esteve and its surrounding areas (including Fort Marlborough, the Torre d’en Penjat and the San Felipe Castle).

You can stay on board until you reach Cala en Porter, which offers another beautiful perspective of the Cova d’en Xoroi—this time from out at sea. You can then discover Minorca further by stopping off in Cala Mitjana and Cala Mitjaneta, where the crystal-clear waters and pine tree-lined paths make it almost compulsory to take a quick dip.

This island is also home to other magnificent caves. If this sounds interesting to you, read the article on the Caves of Minorca.

What to see around Xoroi

While the main attraction of this Minorcan town are its caves, if you decide to come to Xoroi we recommend planning your day well and enjoying some of the beautiful beaches and coves in Minorca that are found just outside of Xoroi, and are Minorca’s crown jewels. There are also several other attractions. Be sure to visit the following:

  • Cala en Porter: One of the most peaceful and beautiful coves on the island of Minorca. Its crystal-clear waters and fine white sand make this cove a favourite amongst families who are looking to spend a day on the beach. The surrounding landscape is also wonderful, with the cove being nestled in a cliff, giving it lots off added charm. The cove is fully equipped with services such as showers, restaurants and a car park.
  • Platja de Son Bou: This is probably the island’s longest beach, stretching over 2.5 kilometres. This golden sand beach is equally perfect for trying your hand at a series of water sports or for spending the day on the beach with your family. It offers a sunbed rental service as well as a broad selection of beach bars and restaurants. It lies around 20 kilometres outside of Mahón. Once you’ve enjoyed the beach, we recommend visiting the town of Son Bou.
  • Torralba d’en Salort is a curious vestige of the island’s Talayotic culture. If you’re interested in learning more about that period, a visit to this attraction will give you a better insight into the living conditions of a settlement in which 500 people once lived. The excavation works which began in 1973 eventually unearthed this site, whose archaeological remains prove that it was once a place of worship.


Information of interest


  • Tickets can be bought online, allowing you to skip the queues—particularly useful in the summer season.

How to get to the Cova d’en Xoroi

  • By car. The cave is located in Cala en Porter, a town located on the south coast of Minorca (12 km from Mahón). There are two different ways of getting to the cave: by taking the Cala en Porter exit from the motorway linking Mahón and Ciutadella, or by taking the corresponding exit from the motorway linking Alaior and Cala en Porter. Both are good options. Once you’ve parked your car, you’ll need to walk for a few metres along a narrow path before you reach the cave, which is located 30 metres above sea level.

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