Off-the-beaten track honeymoons: unique honeymoon destinations

If you're looking for unique honeymoon destinations, we've got you covered. Our list of alternative honeymoon ideas is the inspiration you need

There’s nothing quite as special as a honeymoon. No matter how many or how few holidays you may have been on together in the past, there’s an indefinable quality to a honeymoon.

You’re revelling in the company of the one you love, wondering what the future holds for the two of you, and you’re both extra keen to make special memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives.

But you don’t want to just follow the crowd. You’re not going to completely tear up the honeymoon rulebook, as you’re still in search of a beautiful backdrop to your love story, but you want to go somewhere unique. You’re in search of something that’s new to you both and that you can discover together.

If that sounds like the kind of things you have in mind, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of unique honeymoon destinations just for you.

Whether you find your dream destination amongst these honeymoon ideas or they just serve as the inspiration you were looking for, we’re sure that your honeymoon will be unforgettable.

Honeymoon getaways to Morroco

As far as beautiful honeymoon destinations go, Morocco is perfect for newlyweds with a sense of adventure, wanting to discover a new culture together.

It’s got everything, from fascinating cities and charming villages to dramatic mountainscapes, deserts and stunning beaches, meaning you can easily combine beach and city, perhaps with a stay in Marrakesh, or mountain and desert, for some incredible star gazing. It all depends on what the two of you are looking for from your honeymoon destination ideas.

Any couple wanting to furnish a new home will have trouble deciding just want to buy, so much is there on offer in Morroco’s magical souqs.

Exotic honeymoon destinations: Guatemala

If adventurous honeymoon destinations are up your street, then Guatemala might be the right place for you. Rest up in Guatemala City after your long flight, perhaps even treating yourself to a spa session, and then let the adventure begin.

Marvel at the views from the villages dotted around the shores of Lake Atitlan, climb an active volcano for yourself just outside the beautiful city of Antigua, and then make the journey to the incredible river at Semuc Champey, in the heart of the jungle.

Round off your trip with a visit to the mind-blowing Mayan ruined city of Tikal, and don’t forget to spend at least one night in the island town of Flores.

This isn’t necessarily one of the most relaxing places to go on your honeymoon, but it will be thrilling and memorable, and you’ll find it hard not to fall in love with Guatemala.

Unique honeymoon destinations: Spain

Okay, so we know that Spain in general isn’t exactly off the beaten track, but if you’re imaginative then there are plenty of alternative honeymoon ideas that make for a honeymoon with a difference.Spain is also a fantastic option if you’re looking for the best honeymoon destinations that aren’t too far away.

Whilst people flock to the Costa del Sol, why not turn inland and head for the delights of Granada? You could team a cultural break with a few days skiing in the Sierra Nevada, perfect for those of you in the market for winter honeymoon destinations.

How about spending a few days in the impossibly romantic town of Ronda, or exploring the sensational national park of Cabo de Gata?

Another wonderful option for newlyweds looking for original honeymoon destinations is the Canary Islands. Treat yourself to a little luxury in Tenerife, but get off the beaten track by climbing the Teide volcano, the highest mountain in Spain, and then take a side trip to the lesser-visited islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro.

Best international honeymoon destinations: Brazil

Hopping back across the channel, there’s nowhere that you’ll fall head over heels in love with as quickly as Brazil. The possibilities here are endless. Go at Carnival time, and dance through the night in the arms of the one you love.

Discover the mythical Amazon, soak up the sun on the beaches of the north-east, fall under the spell of Rio de Janeiro, witness the might of the Iguazu falls, or snorkel in some of the world’s clearest water in rivers thronging with exotic fish in Bonito.

Original honeymoon destinations: Bulgaria

Bulgaria isn’t at the top of many people’s must-visit lists, but it really should be. As you might have noticed, we think that the perfect honeymoon destinations offer a little variety, and Bulgaria is the ideal place for that.

Whether you want to lie on the sandy beaches of the Black Sea, explore the incredible mountains, discover the cities or wander picturesque villages, Bulgaria is a fantastic option. It’s also well-known for its affordability, great news if that wedding budget got a little out of hand!

Perfect honeymoon destinations: Oaxaca

The Caribbean coast of Mexico is generally the one that gets all the attention, both from party-goers and those in search of romance. It doesn’t even occur to most people that the Pacific coast is an option, but those that discover it are always delighted they did. Oaxaca City itself is charming, the food is incredible, and the nearby ruined city of Monte Alban is not to be missed.

The coast is incredible, with sandy beaches that stretch for miles and miles that are often beautifully empty, if you know where to go. There’s incredible surf along this coast, too. So, if you’re looking for a spot of culture followed by some beach time in a spot where you could easily forget the outside world exists, spend your honeymoon in Oaxaca. And have fun trying to figure out how to pronounce it!