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Privileged location on Agadir beach
Large outdoor area
Ideal for families with children in Agadir

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The hotel Allegro Agadir is the ideal starting point to discover Morocco and lose yourself in ancient neighborhoods and narrow streets. Your souks and medinas are an unmistakable part of an identity that continues to be preserved. Places where you can marvel at the local crafts, enjoy the smells of leather or spices and taste first-hand the products used in the local cuisine. It’s essential to try your haggling skills!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit imperial cities such as Fez and Marrakechand the coastal cities of Agadir or Casablanca, the regions of the Sahara or cities located to the north as Tangier or Tetuan.

Activities and leisure in Morocco

Morocco has More than 3,000 kilometers of perfectly prepared coasts and beaches, making this country a favorite destination for water sports such as diving and surfing. The beaches of Dahkla, Safi, Essaouira or Taghazout have some of the most impressive waves in the world.

For those seeking adventure on solid ground, Alghia Pleasant hiking excursions are inside the national park. Las Atlas Mountainsonly a short distance from Marrakesh, it invites its steep and slopes to adventurers. The views will be a great reward!

The desert is one of the greatest experiences to experience in Morocco. The best option is the region of Ouarzazate, Zagora and Tinghir, where you can enjoy a hiking route on foot, on a camel or on a mountain bike.