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Nicaragua is one of those countries that attract bold travelers who want to enjoy a unique experience. Like other Central American destinations, it has a vast natural environment dominated by the volcanoes, the jungle and the great lakes; beautiful colonial citiesand a vibrant culture. But if there is something that characterizes Nicaragua, it is its beaches and surfers' spirit with the greatest exponent of the Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Montelimar Beach, one of the best destinations for catching the waves in the world.

Travel to the paradise of beaches and perfect waves

From the most north area, in Aposentillo, to San Juan del Sur, the Nicaraguan Pacific coast is full of perfect areas for surfers looking for the best waves. According to experts, in the north they are more tubular and stronger while in the south they are constant and higher.

Half way away is Montelimar Beachand an area that perfectly combines this sport with peaceful sandy beaches where you can relax without any worries. And for this, Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Montelimar Beach offer a stay designed to please the finest detail for you to remember the best of Nicaragua.

Holidays in Nicaragua with plans to suit all tastes

Many are the water activities in the area, as offered by its guests at Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Montelimar Beach: scuba diving, snorkeling or sport fishing. But not everything takes place in the water; those who prefer to be on dry land, plans such as hiking, bike routes, horse riding or golf are guaranteed fun in a breathtaking landscape. In fact, just 25 minutes from Managua is the Gran Pacífica golf course. There is no excuse now to not improve your swing.


When you visit the country, don’t miss the opportunity to stay in Hotels in Montelimar Beach of the Barceló Hotel Group.