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206 reviews

Meetings and events room
The hotel has an à la carte restaurant serving excellent cuisine
Located 800 metres away from the shopping centre

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The country of fado welcomes visitors with a mild climate that makes this country of the Iberian Peninsula one of the most attractive destinations to enjoy at any time of the year. Those arriving up to Portugal they will discover a destination where time runs down, but with a lot of life; a place of amazing landscapes, historic monuments and rich culture.

The charm of its cobblestone streets, the colors of its tiles, magnificent beaches or gastronomy These are just some of the reasons for visiting Portugal. There are so many more!

Places of interest in Lisbon

Los Barceló Hotel Group hotels in Portugal the perfect starting point to discover the incredible north cities of the north, as well as Viana do Castelo, Bragaand one of the oldest, and, without a doubt, the arrebator PortUNESCO World Heritage Site.

With a magnificent monumental complex, Guimarães is another of the jewels of the country. However, there are many other cities that offer a special charm for those who come to enjoy a getaway to Portugal: Aveiro, with its estuary and its typical boats; CAstelo Branco and Coimbra, with its history; and of course, Lisbon.

The an immense Atlantic and beautiful beaches you can enjoy the Alentejo, the Algarve and the magnificent Vicentina Route that runs along 340 kilometers of coastline. Not to mention the magnificent islands of Madeira and Azores.