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A luxury oasis between the desert and the sea is the best definition of a destination where leisure, great events and a cosmopolitan atmosphere invade every corner. Dubai offers guests traveling to this country a 5 star experience which transforms any trip into an exotic and exclusive getaway. Let yourself be enveloped in the mystery of a thousand and one nights, as well as the most pure innovation in a city in the heart of the 21st century.

The hotels Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Dubai they offer their guests all the exclusivity of an unparalleled destination.

Discover the United Arab Emirates

A trip to the United Arab Emirates is a stroll through the amazing Dubai, arriving to the capital, Abu Dhabi, to get to know The largest emirate; swim on one of its beaches and be surrounded by a country where you will be surprised by its huge variety. Its mild climate, the wide range of entertainment and leisure activities, and surprising places of interest are the claim for thousands of travelers arriving to the United Arab Emirates, searching for an exclusive and unique experience.

Stay at hotels such as the Dubai, Royal Hideaway Hotel this is the perfect opportunity to discover every corner: wandering around the markets, feeling one more in the big city, reaching the mosques and minarets that spark the sky next to the skyscrapers.All this is surrounded by the luxury and exclusivity of its shopping centers. Far beyond buildings, the immense desert awaits travelers to show them one of the most authentic faces in the country. Feeling the sand and seeing the immense dunes will be one of the best memories your travel retains.