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For travelers who know how to appreciate the light of a city and lovers of good weather, fun, great atmosphere, the scent of jasmine and everything that has to be seen with happiness in general, the ideal destination is a short break in Seville. And for those who have not yet had the opportunity to travel to the Andalusian capital, or wish to repeat, this is the perfect moment to search for hotels in Seville and plan a short break in the Andalusian capital to enjoy each and every one of the charm that it offers.

What to do on your holiday in Seville

When it comes to choosing a travel destination, it’s logical to have doubts and search for offers, but if you’re uncertain about visiting Seville, you’ll know that this city goes far beyond its amazing and famous way. April Fair. The events in Seville cover wide-ranging themes, including recitals at the foot of the Giralda and flamenco shows, cultural exhibitions and live jazz music. There are many activities and surprises that await you in the capital of southern Spain, which can add to such important aspects as its gastronomy and folklore.

Another idea is take a stroll through its beautiful streets and explore all its enigmas visiting emblematic places such as the Royal Alcazzar, the Giralda, the Plaza de España, the María Luisa Park, the Maestranza bullring, the Torre del Oro, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Royal Tobacco Factory, the Archive of Indias or the Palacio de San Telmo, etc. The city has overseen historical attractions, not forgetting the importance of its commercial activity after the discovery of America, and it is available to get to know the importance of its commercial activity after the discovery of the Americas. ride in calesa with horses around the streets of Sevilleone of the most classic and beautiful examples of this city

Where to sleep in Seville

One important aspect to take into account is Seville’s wide range of hotels, which are as necessary in planning a comfortable holiday in this city or anywhere else. Be able to fully relax and do so surrounded by stunning scenery and stays, with views of the most outstanding places or with the best services, it is crucial for almost all travelers. It is perhaps the key to having everything at a good price, and is the key for those who are looking to enjoy unique experiences for a magnificent holiday that you will never forget. The Barceló Hotel Group knows a great deal of what these needs and within their working years has shaped them in its hotels in Seville, such as the Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento, a 5-star hotel with avant-garde and modern design, located on the shores of the Guadalquivir River, with state-of-the-art facilities and luxury services such as swimming pool (ideal for alleviating the warm summer temperatures of Seville), the fitness room with sauna and Jacuzzi, or its elegant suites. It is an excellent accommodation for those who are looking to discover this historic city in maximum comfort, or for those who want to enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities. Seville’s weekly range of events, as well as its natural charm and roots, make this Andalusian city a privileged, magical, beautiful, fun, cosmopolitan and absolutely unique destination.

Things to see and do in Seville