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Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are made up of more than 1,000 coral islands that spread out to form a natural landscape that everyone who visits will fall in love with.

Holidays in the Maldives

These exotic and seductive islands are a dream destination for many travellers, a place to disconnect from everyday life and connect with paradise. The Maldives boast crystal clear waters and a wonderful marine universe. And there is no better way to enjoy this than from a 5-star resort like Barceló Whales Lagoon Maldives.


Travelling to the Maldives offers the opportunity to make dreams come true: staying in a floating hotel, exploring every corner barefoot and walking on its fine white sand or lying under the shade of a palm tree listening to the sound of the waves.

Honeymoons and experiences in the Maldives

Although the Maldives is a destination with a romantic background, associated with idyllic honeymoons, it also has a much more active side. This archipelago of paradisical islands is designed to make the most of it and enjoy unique experiences with a wide range of water sports: paddle surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, canoeing... The most adventurous can dive into the Indian Ocean and discover its incredible marine fauna.


Those who stay in a hotel in the Maldives will enjoy a perfect holiday on the beach, with the magnificent opportunity to stay in bungalows over the sea or by the sea.

Barceló Whales Lagoon Maldives hotel is located on Ari Atoll, one of the largest atolls in this destination, located in the west of the Maldivian archipelago, where rest, relaxation and unique experiences make a dream holiday.