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Paradise does exist and on earth you can find in Mexico. The traveler who ventures here staying at Allegro Hotels Mexico will discover unforgettable landscapes with white sand and turquoise water which invite you to plunge into all that this destination has to offer. There are also many who choose the idyllic setting to get married and spend an exciting honeymoon in the best company. It's not surprising when the best folklore and the most colorful cuisine come together with the best avant-garde; always with an unbeatable climate as a backdrop.

Reasons to visit Allegro Hotels in Mexico

If you want to experience Mexico to the fullest, nothing is easier than blend with the spirit of local life: happiness. The people are warm, hospitable and love the word celebration – and they know that they know a lot about them. That’s why it’s impossible to be seduced by his lively music, stick to his tasty food and use any excuse to toast to his trip.

Trip to the Mexican Eden: Riviera Maya and Cozumel

There are as many Mexicos as traveling, but don’t forget to visit one of its most popular features: Playa del Carmen, view from Allegro Hotels in the Riviera Maya with the spectacular Caribbean sea in the background.

Don’t forget to visit the San Francisco beachOne of the most idyllic beaches on the island of Cozumel and the main destination for scuba divers from all over the world. There, the impressive reef of Palancar offers a unique underwater spectacle for guests of Allegro Hotels in Cozumel.

In places like this, you’ll be seduced by Mexico’s vitality, alternating exciting activities with enjoying the sea from a sun lounger. For this reason, the stays of Allegro Hotels in Mexico energetic travelers are full of energy.

Discover a country tailored to your ideal holiday with our hotels in Mexico.