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Lanzarote in 3 days

The Canary Island of Lanzarote is one of the best sanctuaries in the Atlantic where you can relax and enjoy an otherworldly landscape, a warm climate all year round and food prepared with ingredients of the highest quality. We have three days, a long weekend, to get to know the essence of Lanzarote, but we promise to leave you time to just relax on the beaches and to enjoy the cuisine. If you are well organised, there will be ample time for everything.

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Itinerary day 1

10.00-13.30 h

Timanfaya National Park

This park, also known as Montañas del Fuego [Mountains of Fire], is one place on Lanzarote that no visitor should miss. If you manage your time well, you’ll get the chance to appreciate its beautiful volcanic landscapes, visit the Interpretation Centre, tour the park by bus,and—for a really unusual and fun experience—ride on a dromedary.

13.30 -14.30 h

El Diablo Restaurant

It will be a pleasure to round off a morning spent visiting the Timanfaya National Park, with lunch at this restaurant designed by César Manrique—where many of the dishes are cooked using magmatic heat. It is wonderful to have lunch while enjoying the landscape from the restaurant’s enormous windows. Open from 12:00 noon.

15.00-16.00 h

Mirador del Río Viewing Point

Located at the highest point of the Risco de Famara, at a height of 500 metres, is this viewing point, which commands excellent views of the island and of the Chinijo archipelago which is located about 2 kilometres from the coast. The Mirador is a work by César Manrique, perfectly in tune with its setting.

16.30-19.30 h

Playa de Famara

You can grant yourself the enormous pleasure of spending the rest of the afternoon on the Playa de Famara, after a stroll through the little village of Caleta de Famara. The stunning inlet of Famara, clothed in golden sand, is not normally very crowded because of its strong swell,and provides the perfect opportunity for surfing enthusiasts to practise their skills.

20.30-24.00 h

Champs Sport Bar

It is perfect for rounding off a lazy beach day with a cold beer and some tasty Tex-Mex food while watching your favourite sport on the bar’s enormous screen. The list of beers is impressive, but you may prefer an expertly prepared cocktail to add a bit of pzazz to your evening. A friendly game of pool or some live music will make for the perfect end to a blissful day.

Itinerary day 2

10:30-12.00 h

Cueva de los Verdes

This amazing cave was formed by the eruption of the Corona Volcano. Its lighting was designed by the Fuerteventuran artist Luis Soto, and parts of the cave recall the book Journey to the Centre of the Earth. The cave was used by the local inhabitants as a refuge at times of attacks by pirates; it was not until the nineteenth century that academics revealed its historical value.

12:30-14.00 h

Jameos del Agua

The collapse of the ceiling of a volcanic tunnelcaused the natural formation of the jameos[openings], and the genius of César Manrique transformed it into a work of art. This is an essential visit, and one full of surprises.

2:00 PM-3:30 AM

Los Jameos Restaurant

Make the most of your time in this remarkable setting by having lunch in its restaurant. Among the most highly recommended dishes is the slow-cooked rabbit in salmorejo[tomato and bread purée].

4:00 PM-5:30 PM

Jardín de Cactus [Cactus Garden]

This garden, which was César Manrique’s last artistic installation, houses a collection of 4,500 specimens of cactus. The visit takes around an hour and a half, so you will need to bear in mind that the garden closes at 5:45 PM.

6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Caletón Blanco

After a hectic day, we suggest you spend the early evening in the Órzola area, where you will find several unspoilt beaches, including the breathtaking Caletón Blanco with its golden sand and crystal waters.

9:30 PM-11:30 PM

Restaurante Balagué (Nazaret)

The restaurant is located inside the crate of a volcano, and affords spectacular views. In the evening, the restaurant’s lighting provides a warm, inviting atmosphere. Its star dishes include tuna medallions on a bed of avocado tartare and Tinajo tomatoes with a dribble of mild teriyaki sauce.

Itinerary day 3

10.00-11.00 h

Salinas de Janubio

The third day could be spent in the south of the island. You might begin with the nineteenth-century salt flats, which have been declared a Site of Cultural Interest, and which constitute one of the best-known scenes in Lanzarote. The contrast between the whiteness of the salt pans and the grids of volcanic rock that enclose them is a magnet for photographers.

11.30-12.30 h

Los Hervideros

More outdoor sightseeing. Los Hervideros [boilers, in English] offers the spectacular sight of the ocean beating furiously against the volcanic rock until the water surges up through cavities in the rock and leaps to the surface. It is not advisable to stray from the signposted path.

13.00-14.30 h

Charco de Clicos

This lagoon lies in a volcanic crater. With its green water surrounded by black volcanic sand, it is one of Lanzarote’s most striking sights. If you like to meditate, this is a good place to disconnect completely.

14.45-16.00 h

Casa Torano

The little village of El Golfo is a good place to stop off for lunch. In this small restaurant, they serve prime fresh fish and an excellent Canarian mojo [sauce]. If the restaurant is full when you arrive, there are still plenty of other good bars and terraces nearby.

16.30-19.30 h

Papagayo beaches

A series of lovely beaches (Mujeres, El Pozo, Caleta del Congrio, Puerto Muelas and El Papagayo) with turquoise waters to tempt you in for a dip. Papagayo is well-known as an ideal beach for families. Don’t forget your sunglasses and a tube for snorkelling.

20.30-24.00 h

Restaurante Lilium

End your three days in Lanzarote with a treat at this restaurant in Arrecife, owned by the chef Orlando Ortega. Ortega, who represents the new style of Canary Island cuisine, focuses on traditional island recipes, but uses local Lanzarote produce. Try the black pig, the tuna and the lentils.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3