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The Palma Auditorium, half a century of interesting events

The Palma Auditorium, one of the great cultural spots of Majorca, is located on the Maritime Promenade, in the heart of the bay, alongside the island’s main hotels and only 10 minutes from the airport. Its façade looks to the sea, specifically, to the port, and it offers one of the best panoramic views of the city. Here, on a year round basis, a large part of Palma de Mallorca’s cultural and social life is carried out. It is a rare day when the auditorium does not host a musical or theatrical show, a congress, an international event of diverse disciplines and sciences or even a debate on current events.

And, in 2019, the Palma Auditorium celebrated its 50th anniversary. This important milestone was celebrated with style, with an anniversary gala being held on 24 May 2019. In fact, the gala was a large benefit concert organised by the 10 Rotary Clubs of Mallorca and a series of the island’s musical institutions. These included the Municipal Band of Music of Palma, the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) Choir, the Universitat de les Illes Balears Chorus, the Jove Orquestra de les Illes Balears, the Cor Ciutat de Mallorca and the Jove Orquestra Rotaria de Mallorca.

The Palma auditorium celebrates its fiftieth anniversary

The ‘Obertura Mallorca’ was inaugurated for this anniversary gala. This overture was created specifically for the occasion by Antoni Mairata, and was performed by the Municipal Band of Music of Palma, together with the UIB choir and chorus.

Also, two documentaries were released for the gala, one of which, ‘Llums de Tramuntana’, was directed by Majorcan photographer Marcos Molina. The other was concerned with the evolution and development of the Auditorium’s construction, from the laying of the first brick back in 1966, until its formal inauguration on 3 September 1969. That day, over 50 years ago, is recalled on the island as a special event, since the auditorium’s debut was at the hands of none other than the Berlin Philharmonic, leaving the audience speechless with its performance on the impressive 800-square metre stage of the Magna Hall. The acoustics of this hall are considered to be some of the best in all of Europe.

A history beginning in 1969

It was in 1969 when then Prince Juan Carlos inaugurated the auditorium as a Centre of Performing Arts and Congresses. It had nine halls, two of which had a theatre-like structure: the Sala Magna, with 1,739 seats, and the Sala Mozart, with 310. These spaces were designed for performing arts productions, and so, great care was taken with regards to acoustics and visibility. Numerous theatre shows and concerts have been held, including dance and ballet performances, as well as a multitude of congresses and conventions. Moreover, renowned artists from Placido Domingo to Julio Iglesias have performed here.

The other halls, up to seven, are used as educational and exhibition spaces. But they all share one thing in common: they have all been baptised with names from the history of classical music: Albéniz, Bach, Granados, Falla, Victoria or Turina.

The auditorium also contains other auxiliary spaces. For example, there is a cafeteria for coffee-break services, including a 140-square metre-long terrace with views of the Maritime Promenade, and a Posters Area, for exhibitions and displays of panels, large photographs or posters.

A pioneering 11,000-square-metre space

In all, the Palma Auditorium hosts 11,000 square metres and was one of the first buildings of these characteristics to be built in Spain. In addition, its façade includes a gigantic screen on which some of the most important shows of its programming are advertised.

It is claimed that the auditorium boasts one of the best terraces of the Maritime Promenade. So, don’t hesitate to enjoy its spectacular views. If you look to the left from here, you will see the walls and at the top, the Almudaina palace and the cathedral, the market (Sa Llonja) and the Consulate of the Sea (Consolat de Mar), headquarters of the president of the Majorcan government.

The terrace is also situated in front of the Palma Nautical Club and the Old Dock (Moll Vell), and to its right we see the Sea Club and the Porto Pi dock. On very clear, sunny days, which are common throughout the year, you can even see the silhouette of Cabrera out in the distance. This is the smallest of the Balearic Islands.

So, don’t forget to plan a visit to the auditorium. You can enjoy its unique building and check out its programming. There are plenty of interesting events: concerts, exhibitions, theatre and dance shows, forums, meetings, etc. There is bound to be something that strikes your fancy. And, in the meantime, you can check out the amazing views and acoustics of this emblematic Majorcan space, not to mention its comfortable and cosy seats.

Information of interest

How to get to the auditorium

  • By bus: The bus lines with stops in the vicinity of the auditorium are the 1, 3, 12 and 20.
  • By car: Follow the indications leading to the Maritime Promenade. There is a car park in the auditorium vicinity, specifically, at number 3 of Carrer del Moll.
  • By foot: From the cathedral square, it is a lovely 9-minute stroll to the Maritime Promenade.
For more updated information on fees, hours and programming, visit the auditorium webpage.

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