Living on the edge: extreme sports in Dubai

Dubai is the perfect place for adrenaline junkies, with everything from skydiving and scuba diving to desert adventures. Experience extreme sports in Dubai

When you hear the word Dubai, your mind might immediately jump to luxury hotels, upmarket restaurants and air conditioned shopping centres. And you’d be right. Dubai has all that in spades. But, there’s another side to this desert city. Extreme sports in Dubai are hugely popular, and there are so many options that, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you won’t know which way to turn first.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate thrill or just something that pushes you slightly out of your comfort zone, and whether you’ve never tried your hand at extreme sports before or are constantly on the lookout for the next adrenaline buzz, you’ll find the perfect adventure activities for you.

Are you keen to walk on the wild side during your Dubai holidays? Then read on to find out absolutely everything you need to know about adventure sports in Dubai, and get your adrenaline fix booked in.

Skydive in Dubai

Skydiving is a lot of people’s idea of the most extreme sport there is. And you can’t really blame them, as the concept of throwing yourself out of a plane seems like a fairly crazy one if you’ve never done it before. But once you’ve experienced the sensation of freefall, you’ll be hooked.

And, skydiving over Dubai is one of the best places you can try this extreme sport for yourself. The legendary Palm islands makes for the most incredible view as you fall, and then soar when your parachute spreads.

There are weight and age limits you’ll have to meet if you want to jump with Skydive Dubai, but as long as you tick those boxes, then you’re free to have the most exhilarating experience of your life.

Unexpected extreme sports in Dubai: skiing and snowboarding

When you opened up this article about extreme sports in Dubai, you probably didn’t expect to find skiing on the list. Unless you already knew that the Mall of the Emirates has a huge indoor ski slope, complete with real life penguins, who are probably a little confused!

So, if you want a break from the heat, you can go skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing right in the heart of the desert.

Sand activities in Dubai: sandboarding

If the sliding down hills at speed part sounds appealing but you’d rather enjoy the desert, then sandboarding is the perfect solution.

There are dunes as high as 100m, which means you can really build up some speed. Be prepared to get sand absolutely everywhere.

If you want to make a day of it, you can go sandboarding as part of a full-on desert safari tour, which will see you racing across the dunes in a 4x4, a huge thrill in itself!

Water sports in Dubai

Dubai is a water sports paradise, with practically every water sport being catered to, except perhaps the ones that require large waves, which you’ll have to go a little further to find. Saying that, though, you can try your hand at surfing at the Wild Wadi waterpark, where there are also some hair-raising waterslides, great for anyone on the hunt for extreme sports in Dubai.

Paddle boarding is a very popular option in Dubai, as is kayaking and sailing and jet skiing. But for something truly out of the ordinary, try fly boarding or hover boarding, some of the most famous adrenaline sports in Dubai, and a favourite with visiting celebrities.

Fly boarding propels you through the air above the crystal-clear water, before plunging you back in. It’s much easier than it looks, but it’s an unforgettable experience.

Bungee jumping in Dubai

If you’re looking for extreme sports in Dubai that will push you so far out of your comfort zone that it will look like a dot to you, then bungee jumping will be right up your street.

A fantastic place to try bungee jumping is the Dubai Gravity Zone. It’s 50-metres high, there are age and weight limits, and you’ll need to be in good health.

Exciting activities around Dubai: ziplining

Have you ever done a Via Ferrata? They’re thrilling walks/scrambles through mountainous terrain, all with a harness and under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Jebel Jeis at Ras al Khaimah is where you’ll find the highest mountain in the UAE, and the world’s longest zipline, an incredible 1km long, reaching 150kph. There are also two other ziplines on the route. It’s a fantastic way to get out of the city for an adventurous morning or afternoon.

Desert adventures: soar over the dunes in a hot air balloon

If you were more thinking that you might like to just carefully step one foot out of your comfort zone, in search of a unique experience, then why not treat yourself to a magical hot air balloon ride. Not quite as good as a magic carpet ride, but almost.

Soar over the endless sand dunes with the city and the Persian Gulf in the distance, a unique landscape that will be imprinted onto your memory for a long time to come.